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RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS JULY, 14, 2014 3:15 P.M. <br />Committee Members Present: Karen White, Tim Scott, Henry Davis, Gavin Ferlic <br />Citizen Members Present: Jack Smith <br />Other Council Present: Valerie Schey, Dr. Fred Ferlic, Dr. Varner, Derek Dieter, <br />Oliver Davis <br />Others Present: Tim Sexton, Stephen Studer <br />Agenda: Update on Beck's Park by City Attorney Cristal Brisco <br />South Bend Corporate Counsel Cristal Brisco at the request of the Council's Residential Neighborhoods <br />Committee provided an update on EPA concerns in the LaSalle Park Beck's Lake area. <br />Residential Neighborhood Committee Chair Karen White asked for the update in response to <br />neighborhood concerns about this area designated by the EPA as a hazardous site. <br />Cristal provided two handouts, one from the EPA, and one detailing the background of Stephen Studer, <br />a partner in the Krieg /DeVault law firm out of Chicago. This law firm has expertise in environmental <br />issues and have been commissioned by the City to respond to the EPA. <br />The EPA report noted the Beck's Lake site posed no immediate health risk in the LaSalle Park area. <br />Cristal expanded on what tests have already been undertaken by the City to test for hazardous <br />materials. Using superfund dollars the cost of sampling to date approaches $500,000. Soil samples <br />including soil vapor intrusion testes have resulted in very low levels of pollutants, well within acceptable <br />risks. <br />Cristal went on to explain the site would most probably be placed on the National Priorities List meaning <br />it would continue to be monitored for possible future cleanup. <br />Karen opened the update to Council questions. Oliver Davis asked whether the nearby soccer fields <br />were tested. Cristal said they had. <br />Derek Dieter asked for an explanation of "immediate "risk. Mr. Studer said these levels were no higher <br />than normally found in the environment. <br />Tim Scott asked about the lake itself. Cristal said the lake had been tested and was in acceptable levels. <br />Karen White, summing up, suggested the reports be communicated to the Charles Black Center and to <br />the LaSalle Park neighbors, Gail Brodie in particular. <br />11 Page <br />