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PUBLIC AGENDA SESSION JANUARY 18, 2012 <br />The Board of Public Safety met in the Public Agenda Session at 8:05 a.m. on Wednesday, January <br />18, 2012, with Board Members Patrick D. Cottrell, Bruce BonDurant, Laura Vasquez, Eddie Miller, <br />and John Collins present. Also present were Police Chief Darryl Boykins, Fire Chief Howard <br />Buchanon, Assistant Fire Chief Steve Cox, and Board Attorney Andrea Beachkofsky. <br />The meeting was held in the Board of Public Works Meeting Room, 13ih Floor County City <br />Building, South Bend, Indiana. <br />SWEARING IN OF BOARD MEMBERS <br />Mr. John Voorde, City Clerk, was present and distributed the Oath of Office to Pat Cottrell, Bruce <br />BonDurant, Laura Vasquez, Eddie Miller, and John Collins, all re- appointed to the Board of Safety <br />by Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The members were swom in by Mr. Voorde and signed their Oaths. <br />ELECTION OF 2012 PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD <br />Upon a motion by Mr. BonDurant, seconded by Mr. Miller and carried, Mr. Pat Cottrell was elected <br />President of the Board of Safety for 2012. <br />Board members discussed the following items from the agenda: <br />- Employee of the Month — Police Department <br />Police Chief Darryl Boykins informed the Board that the Michigan Police Family Violence <br />Unit was investigating a child molestation case. The charges were found to be <br />unsubstantiated based on the mother's word. Patrolman Jason Biggs investigated finther and <br />was able to get a full confession from the mother of her molestation of her son. She was <br />ultimately arrested. Chief Boykins noted had Patrolman Biggs not pursued this investigation <br />further, the boy would have been placed back in the home with his mother. <br />- Resolution No. 02 -2012 — Extending the 2011 Fire Department Hiring List <br />Mr. Cottrell stated in the last paragraph of this resolution it stated the candidate's must pass a <br />physical agility test administered after January 1, 2012, prior to being sworn in. He asked the <br />Chief if they must also pass a physical exam. Chief Howard Buchanon stated it is automatic <br />that you get a physical exam in the hiring process. He noted a two -year physical agility test is <br />important to see if they are still able to keep up with the demands of the job, and they still <br />need a doctor's slip to say they are physically fit to go through the physical agility testing. <br />Mr. Miller questioned Police Chief Boykins if the Police Department administers these tests <br />also. Chief Boykins stated the Policemen must have a physical every year. Fire Chief <br />Buchanon added if there are health problems, the firemen have a certain period of time to <br />address the issues. If the health condition is not cleared up in that period of time, they may be <br />put before the pension Board. <br />- Resolution No. 05 -2012 — Commendation for Jahmal Delk <br />Chief Howard Buchanon stated this was brought to his attention by Mr. Lynn Coleman, <br />formerly with the Mayor's office. He noted this brave act by this boy happened a while ago, <br />but the Fire Department felt it should not go unnoticed. Chief Buchanon stated he was not <br />sure if the family would be able to be present to accept the Commendation. <br />Duty Manual Changes <br />Fire Chief Buchanon noted when the Duty Manual changes were approved; they left out a <br />section regarding the covering of tattoos when not in quarters. He explained that tattoos must <br />be covered when firefighters are in the public. Chief Buchanon noted this page will replace <br />pages 46 -47 of the Duty Manual <br />ADJOURNMENT <br />There being no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Cottrell declared the meeting <br />adjourned at 8:24 a.m. <br />BOARD OF PUBLIC SAFETY <br />Patrick D. Cottrell, Member <br />