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4 ,. <br /> � H��.v� � <br /> �GULnR t.�LTITIG <br /> I:"ARCH 28 , 1932 <br /> REo lar meetin�; held by the Board of �'ublic :�afety ?'onday , �:"arch <br /> 2� , 1932 at nine o' clock A.T:T. <br /> I,'s . 13udd , President , called meetin�; to order. �'�11 ��anbers tirere <br /> pre sent . <br /> ' �Ti nutes of last re�ular Meetin� read and approved. <br /> I <br /> PUI,IC^ DEP�RT��TdT <br /> B�' a vote of I,"r. Budd and I'r. Gadacz, Earl T;ull, age 28 , resid- <br /> ii�g at 921 S. 26th atreet,tilas appointec� a member of the Police <br /> DEpartment. I,"r. Trost,not in favor of the applicant, voted <br /> a��ainst said appointment. <br /> Tk.e Board a.u�;hori zed T�. Barany, Clerk, to m�.ke a trip to Chi ca�o <br /> fc r the purpose of getting ac quainted and f�ni liar �T�ith r�anu- <br /> f�.cturing of police uniforms and badges. <br /> TY.e dail�r reports of the Vice Squady�ere exar.iined and ordered <br /> p].aced on fi1e. On recommendation of �?r. 3udd, the Board informed <br /> CY.ief Ituespert that the daily reports of the Vice Squad �;rill <br /> nc�t be required here�.fter. <br /> Or� recommendation of Tudge �'�. `,l. Hosinski , tne Bo�.rd ,�-,�ranted <br /> s��ecial police commission to I�'rank Grzeszezyk, City Court Baliff. <br /> TY�e Board ordered T4r. Bara.ny, Clerk, to instruc t T,Tr. �ualls, <br /> 5`�:.perintendent of �lectrical Department , to move the signal <br /> f7,asher and horn from the corner of I,afaye tte and ';lashinaton to <br /> Z�,fayette and Jefferson Blvd. <br /> CY.i ef r'uespert reported activi tie s of his department for the past <br /> � -" z�rE ek. <br /> � RE quisitions and bills �.pproved and ordered paid. <br /> � FI R� D�PA RT?JT'T <br /> � ��plication of Clarence J. ?eiber approved and ordered placed on <br /> fi le. � � <br /> RE quisitions a.nd bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> Cr.ief Iinoblock reported activities of his departrzent ior the past <br /> �rrE ek. <br /> ",'lE IGIiTS and T::�Aai7RE� DEP��tT"'�iTT <br /> '.'�eekly report of Chas. J. Burns , City Sealer, examined and order- <br /> ec placed on file . <br /> �I�CTRICAL DEPARTT"��i�.:T <br /> iT. Barany, C1erk, renorted the old rord truck or dered �junke d <br /> January 25th, 1932, ���as sold for ,10.00. The Board approved the <br /> sa le. <br /> I ?TEetin� adjourned at ten-thirty o ' clock �.T:'. � <br /> • � �o <br /> PRESID�idT. <br /> �'�T:�S�, <br /> CZ�'t �• � <br />