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P.�ON7)AY, JANUARY 4, 1932. 2�3 <br /> Reg�zlar meeting held in �Board of Public Sa�ety Office P.:onday, <br /> Ja,n�iary 4, 1932. <br /> r7ee�ting called to order by President C. A. Budd at nine o ' clock <br /> A.�Z� <br /> i!ir. V. J. Gadacz absent . <br /> T:�in��tes of last regular meeting read and approved. <br /> FIR7; DEP�1R�=?EPdT <br /> ChiE;f Knoblocl� reported on the activities of his depaxtment f or <br /> the past vreek: <br /> The Clerk informed the Board that he had arranged for a meeting <br /> witli the Board of County Commissioners, on January llth at <br /> ten ot-clock or as soon thereafter as possible. <br /> POL::CE DEPIIRTT.�Ty T <br /> Reqt�isitions and� bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> ChiE;f �uespert reported on the activities of his department for <br /> the past week. <br /> �I,ECTRIC�'�.Z DEPART?:�H ��T <br /> r.�r. Qualls, Superintendent, had no report to make. <br /> ��EIC���iT S and ��ASURE S DEPIA.RTI:i���1T <br /> Re�c�rt of City Sealer, Chas. J. Burns, approved and placed on <br /> f i le . <br /> DOG POtTND DEPARTI:r��T <br /> ;�m ��. Dov�nes, Supervisor, reported on the activities of this <br /> depa rtment for the past vreek. • <br /> On n�oti on o� 2:7r. Long, me eting ad�ourned at ten-ten o' cloc�: A.�:I. <br /> / <br /> , <br /> Presiden . <br /> ATTE ST• 1�--� <br /> Clerk. <br /> 3 <br />