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incidents and trainings attended. So for instance in the Franklin Case, there will now be <br /> hyperlinks to the crucial public court documents. I also know that there exists training for stress <br /> management. We were also thinking about doing something artistic with cops and kids as a sort <br /> of stress reliever. <br /> Committee Chair Williams-Preston stated, I think that is a great idea. We also have to look at the <br /> older kids too and how to engage them whether it be artistic or not. Moving along, I also wanted <br /> to look into the Community of Technical Education program and working with those students. <br /> They could help repair homes and sidewalks. Also, we could possibly work with Habitat for <br /> Humanity. We are also looking at a traffic control plan to approach the speeding that happens <br /> through neighborhoods. Lastly, on March 8t'at 6:00 p.m. at Monroe Circle Community Center <br /> we will be meeting with a family that owns many convenience stores and having the discussion <br /> of how they affect the community and the nearby neighborhood residents. <br /> Mr. Duncan stated, I think this is a big issue. I live in a neighborhood that has one of these stores <br /> and many of my neighbors do not like it because of the behavior it attracts. It started as a gas <br /> station but now there is a lot more going on there and we don't want it. They need to reach out to <br /> the neighbors before they move into these neighborhoods. <br /> Committee Chair Williams-Preston stated, In terms of action steps, today we mentioned the <br /> Citizen Advisory Board that should be talked about more at the next meeting. The Community <br /> Relations Committee will meet the first Wednesday of every month, at 6:00 p.m. I also wanted to <br /> point out the GVI presentation that happened at the Health and Public Safety Committee. <br /> Mr. Mueller stated,Understanding the new administration at the federal level, we are focusing <br /> on maintaining the inclusivity in our community. We don't have to be titled a Sanctuary City to <br /> operate as such. <br /> With no other business to discuss, Committee Chair Williams-Preston adjourned the Community <br /> Relations Committee Organizational meeting at 7:04 p.m. <br /> ectfully ubmitted, <br /> Re ina Williams-Pres on, Chairperson <br />