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227 W. JEFFERSON BouLEvARD <br />SUITE 1400 S. <br />SOUTH BEND, IN 46601 -1830 <br />March 7, 2016' <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND PETE BUTTIGIEG, MAYOR <br />COMMUNITY INVESTMENT <br />SCOTT FORD, ExECUTIVE DIRECTOR <br />Council Member Gavin Ferlic, Chairperson <br />Community Investment Committee <br />South Bend Common Council <br />4th Floor, County City Building <br />South Bend, IN 46601 <br />PHONE: 574/235-9371 <br />FAx574/235 -9021 <br />RE: Real Property Tax Abatement Petition for: East Bank South Bend Development, <br />LLC <br />Dear Council Member Ferlic: <br />Please find the attached information pertaining to a real property tax abatement petition for <br />East Bank South Bend Development, LLC: <br />➢ Department of Community Investment's summary report <br />Copy of the petition <br />Statement of Benefits form <br />Supporting information. <br />The report contains, the Department's findings relative to the above petition. East Bank <br />South Bend Development, LLC will be investing approximately $2,500,000 in the <br />construction of a new six story mixed use building. The project meets the qualifications <br />for an (8) eight year real property tax abatement. A representative from East Bank South <br />Bend Development, LLC will be available to meet with the Committee on Monday, March <br />14, 2016. <br />Should you or any of the other Council members have any questions concerning the report, <br />or need additional information, please feel free to call me at 235 -5823. <br />Sincerely, <br />Aaron Kobb <br />Director Economic Resources <br />Filed in Clerk's Office <br />MAR 0 9 2016 <br />KAREEMAH FOWLER <br />GITY CLERK, SOUTH REND, IN <br />PLANNING NEIGHBORHOOD ENGAGEMENT $USINESS DEVELOPMENT ECONOMIC RESOURCES <br />PAMELA C. MEYER BRIAN PAWLOWSKI AARON KOBB <br />