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f 13 Tit <br /> City of South Bend <br /> - Common Council <br /> 18b _,.• 441 County-City Building • 227 W.Jefferson Blvd (574)235-9321 <br /> South Bend,Indiana 46601-1830 Fax (574)235-9173 <br /> TDD: (574)235-5567 <br /> Tim Scott <br /> President September 6, 2017 <br /> Filed in Clerk's Office <br /> Oliver Davis South Bend Common Council <br /> Vice-President 4th Floor, County-City Building <br /> South Bend, IN 46601 SEP 06 2017 <br /> Gavin Ferlic <br /> Chairperson,Committee KAREEMAH FOWLER <br /> of the Whole Re: Proposed Resolution Regarding South S o 1W"H,E IN <br /> Tim Scott Neighborhood <br /> First District <br /> Dear Council Members, <br /> Regina Williams Preston <br /> Second District Greetings. Please kindly consider supporting this resolution which is a <br /> request of the South Bend Redevelopment Commission by the South <br /> Randy Kelly Bend Common Council regarding the upcoming decision that pertains <br /> Third District to using $25 million dollars to help finance the Double Tracking of the <br /> South Shore Line with respect to the People who live in the Ardmore <br /> Jo M. Broden Neighborhood. <br /> Fourth District <br /> David Varner <br /> Fifth District Sincerely, <br /> Oliver Davis <br /> Sixth District <br /> Gavin Ferlic <br /> At Large Karefi L. White <br /> Common Council Vice President Councilmember At Large <br /> At Larrgge e <br /> John Councilmember 6th District <br /> Karen White <br /> At Large ;R1kX6k_ M D -c—, 4/, \L <br /> Regina Preston John oor e <br /> Councilmember 2nd District Councilmember At Large <br />