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South Bend Cash Position Overview <br />Methodology used <br />The following charts and data information was compiled to compare the city of South Bend's cash position to the cash positions <br />of similarly sized cities. South Bend is the 4`h largest city in Indiana behind Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Evansville. City sizes <br />were based on data from the 2010 Census. Based on the census, the cities that surveyed were Fort Wayne (2), Evansville (3), <br />Bloomington (5), Hammond (6), and Carmel (7) and Gary (8). Included in the comparison was Mishawaka due to its proximity to <br />South Bend. Indianapolis was not used because due to its size it was felt the numbers would not be comparative. <br />Cash position information was obtained from the Indiana Gateway website. For all the cities, the 2013 cash positions were <br />available. From the cash detail of each of the cities certain common funds were used to compare. The funds used to compare <br />were General, Rainy Day, Parks, Motor Vehicle Highway, Local Road & Street, Firefighter's and Police Pension Fund in the <br />General Governmental category. The two main Enterprise funds (Wastewater and Water) along with the enterprise fund <br />subtotals were then compared. These funds and subtotals were then calculated on a per capita basis. <br />Two sets of charts were created. The first set based on the dollar position of the funds and the second based on the per capita <br />position of the funds. <br />General comments <br />South Bend cash position comparatively was strong in the Governmental funds. South Bend had larger balances in those funds <br />available than even the second largest city in the state. The Enterprise fund cash balances for South Bend were reasonable <br />based on the size of the cities compared. Overall, the grand total of all funds South Bend demonstrates that South Bend had a <br />very good cash position comparatively at December 31, 2014. <br />When reviewing the General and Parks /Recreation funds for Hammond they have negative balances. Hammond does keep <br />monies in different listed funds such as Gaming Revenue and other TIF and Bond funds. The negative General Fund balance in <br />Hammond was off set by the revenue funds giving the General Governmental balance a positive. <br />Cash Benchmarking Report 4/4/2014 <br />