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REGULAR MEETING JULY 28th, 1947. <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in Regular Session, <br />in the Council Chambers, City-Hall, July 28th, 1947, at 7 :30 P.M., with all members present . <br />The reading of the Minutes of the previous meeting was waived. President Brannan presided. <br />PETITION <br />TO THE HONORABLE CITY COUNCIL OF SOUTH BEND: <br />South Bend, Indiana. <br />July 15, 1947. <br />We, the undersigned, property owners and residents on Marquette Avenue between Angela Boulevard and Michigan <br />respectfully petition your honorable body to pass an ordinance or to take such other steps to make Marquette <br />Avenue between An ela Doplevard and Michigan Street a preferential street or boulevard and prohibiting trucks <br />and heavy vehiclei811 Rwasand driving over said street for the following reasons: <br />1. That said street is heavily populated with small children. <br />2. That the surrounding neighborhood is strictly residential. <br />3. That a small park is situated on said street where small children <br />congregate and play. <br />4. That the street is not adequately patroled: and numerous trucks have <br />formed a habit of using said street as a short cut from Portage Avenue <br />to Michigan Street. <br />5. That heavy trucks make use of said street for a speedway beem se it is <br />seldom patroled. <br />6. That certain truck owners claim to have special permission to use said street. <br />Wherefore we pray that proper action will be taken by your honorable board to stop the nuisance now being commi <br />for the safety of our children and the benefit of the neighborhood. <br />(62 Signers) <br />Councilman Richardson made a motion that the petition be referred to the Board of Public Works and Safety <br />and to the Traffic Engineer. Councilman McCarthy seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />ORDINANCE <br />AN ORDINANCE APPROPRIATING MONEYS FOR THE PURPOSES OF DEFRAYING <br />THE EXPENSES OF ALL BUDGET - OPERATED DEPARTMMTT GF THE CIVIL CITY <br />OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, FOR THE FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 1948, <br />INCLUDING DEPARnWI TS, FUNDS AND COMMISSIONS FOR MHICH MONEY IS APPROPRIATED, <br />IN WHOLE OR IN PART, FROM FUNDS OTHER MIAN THE GENERAL FUNDS OF SAID CITY, <br />TO -WIT: STREET, TRAFFIC AND PARK DEPARTMENTS, FIREMINIS PENSION AND POLICE- <br />MEN'S PENSION FUNDS, AND THE CITY PLAN COMIISSION: PROVIDING THAT SUCH <br />APPRQPRIATIONS SHALL INCLUDE ALL OUTSTANDING CLAIMS AND OBLIGATIONS: FIXING <br />THE SALARIES OF ALL CITY OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES: PROVIDING PAID VACATIONS <br />FOR,CERTAIN OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES: REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES AND PARTS OF <br />ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH: PROVIDING A TIME ?THEN THE SAME SHALL:TAKE <br />EFFECT. <br />The Ordinance was given first reading and Councilman Richardson made a motion to dispenee with the second <br />reading and that the Ordinance be referred to the Committee of the Whole for- Public Hearing on August 25th, <br />1947, at 7 :30 P.M. Councilman McCarthy seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />Judge Leon E. Kowalski appeared before the Council and asked that $1200.00 for secretarial help for his office <br />be included in the Budget for 1948. <br />Councilman McCarthy made a motion that $1200.00 for Secretarial help be added to the Budget for 1948, bf:,the <br />City Judge. Councilman Niezgodski seconded the, motion. Motion carried. <br />Councilman McCarthy made a motion that the Park Board be advised the cost of pavement of Vassar Avenue fronting <br />on the Park District and that it is the instruction of the Council that this money be put in the Budget for 1948. <br />Councilman Korpal seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />There being no further business, Council adjourned at 7 :50 P.M. <br />- ,ATTEST: APPROVED:. <br />CLEI{K P , SI ENT <br />