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6th. 1947. <br />Be it remembered that the members of the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Council Chambers, City Hall, on Puonday, January 6th, 1947, for the purpose of electing officers for the <br />year 1947. Councilman Clem Iliezgodski, dice- Chairman of the election committee presided over the meeting <br />in the absence of the Chairman, John J. Mirocha. All members were present with the exception of Councilman <br />Mirocha. The meeting convened at 7 :30 P.Y. <br />Councilman Richardson, nominated Councilman Brannan for the presidency. Councilman Korpal seconded the motion. <br />Councilman McCarthy made a motion to close the nominations. Councilman Bishop seconded the motion. <br />Councilma Niezgodski announced a unanimous vote for Councilman Brannan as President. President Brannan presided <br />at balance of meeting. <br />Councilman Brannan nominated Councilman Hull for the vice- presidency. Councilman Bishop seconded the motion. <br />Councilman Korpal made a motion that the nominations be closed. Councilman McCarthy seconded the motion. <br />Motion carried. Nominations closed. Councilman Hull elected vice - president. <br />Councilman Bishop nominated Mayor Dempsey as Chairman of the Finance Committee. Councilman Brannan seconded <br />the motion. Councilman Richardson made a motion to close the nominations. Councilman McCarthy seconded the <br />motion. Mayor Dempsey elected Chairman of the Finance Committee by unanimous consent. <br />Meeting adSou:Fned at 7 :40"P-.M. <br />,AITTEST: <br />CLPM J <br />911.11,5&0 01 <br />STANDING COMMITTEES FOR 1947. <br />1. 'JAYS AND MF NS <br />5. <br />.ORDINMICES <br />9. MISC. BUSINESS <br />JooMcCarthy, Chm <br />John McCarthy, Chm <br />Geo. Heideman, Chm <br />,John J. Mirocha <br />John J. Mirocha <br />Wm J. Richardson <br />George Hull <br />George Hull <br />Belton Brannan <br />2:. STREETS ALLEYS &'BRIDGES <br />6. <br />CLAIMS <br />10. PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS <br />Stanley C. Korpal, Chm <br />Walter A. Bishop, Chm <br />George Hull, Chm <br />Clem`Niezgodski <br />Geo. .Heideman <br />John McCarthy <br />Geo. H. Heideman <br />Wm J. Richardson <br />Stanley C. Korpal <br />3. SE14ERS & DRAINS- <br />7. <br />FEES & SALARTES <br />11. MINUTES <br />Clem Ntdzgodski, Chm <br />Stanley C. Korpal <br />Me3´┐Żori Brannan <br />Stanley C. Korpal <br />Melton Brannan <br />TJm J. Richardson <br />Walter Bishop <br />Geo. H. Heideman <br />George Hull <br />4. GRIEVANCES <br />Wm J. Picrardson, Chm <br />8. <br />ELECTIONS <br />John J. J.- Chm <br />12. TRANSPORTATION <br />John oc <br />Clem Niezgodski <br />Clem Niezgodski <br />J. a, Chm <br />Walter A. Bishop <br />George Hull <br />Walter A. Bishop <br />John McCarthy <br />George Heideman <br />Wm J. Richardson <br />Meeting adSou:Fned at 7 :40"P-.M. <br />,AITTEST: <br />CLPM J <br />911.11,5&0 01 <br />