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434 <br />I I REGULAR MEETING JUNE 10th, 1946 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in regular session <br />in the Council Chambers, City Hall, on Monday, June 10th, 1946, at 8 P.M., with all members present <br />except Councilman Hull. The reading of the Minutes of the previous meeting was waived. <br />COLSMICATION: <br />The present unremedied epidemic of brutal attacks, rape, and assaults that are flourishing on the <br />streets of the City of South "end has now reached the appalling stage wherein it is necessary for the <br />citizens of this community to -take this matter into their own hands if they are to be assured the safety <br />of their wives, mothers and children. <br />While the criminally intent roam our city streets without respect for the law, our Council interests itself <br />in enforcing automobile speed and traffic laws which, in most instances, would penalize the innocent and <br />already over - burdened tax payers, on whom fines are imposed for minor nuisance violations which are of <br />no comparison to attack and rape. <br />It is true that our police have been partially successful in apprehending the guilty of the many crimes <br />of the past. However, this does not alter the fact that when crimes such as the recent assault on a young <br />woman takes place, no penalty for the guilty can be great enough to right the wrong that has already been <br />done. Laws should be passed similar to those in the War Department, where those guilty of attack and rape <br />are punishable by death. Only with the passing and enforcing of such laws will be able to keep our crime: <br />rate from soaring. <br />South "end Streets are an invitation to crime due to inadequate lighting. This should be altered as soon <br />as possible if we are to consider ourselves as citizens of a pregressive community. <br />Of course, the presence of more frequent police patrols on the side streets of this community would help <br />to discourage crime. <br />Only in this manner can we hope for the ounce of prevention which is worth a pound of cure. <br />(135 Signers) <br />Councilman Brannan made a motion that the communication be referred to the Board of Works and Safety. <br />Councilman Niezgodski seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />PETITION: <br />To the Honorable Board of-Public Works and Safety <br />of the City of South Bend, Ondiana. <br />Gentlemen: <br />We the undersigned property owners, petition your honorable body to improve the lighting system on the <br />corner of Indiana Ave. and Pulaski Street and corner of Pulaski and Calvert Streets. <br />(34 Signers) ` <br />Councilman n-Mirocha made a motion that the petition be referred to the Board of Works and Safety. <br />Councilman Ni ezgodski seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE TVHOLE <br />TO THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF -SOUTH BEND: <br />Your Committee of the Vole to whom was referred an Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 2331, whereby <br />Lot "D" in Davis Plat which is 715 LaPorte Avenue, would be changed from "A" Residential and "A" Height <br />and area to "D" Light Industrial and "E" Height and Area.. <br />Respectfully report that they have examined the matter and that in their opinion this Ordinance should <br />be reported to the Council favorably. <br />Councilman Nieigodski made a motion that the report be accepted. <br />Motion carried. <br />REPORT FROM THE BOARD OF PUBLIC MRKS AND SAFETY <br />Members of the Common Council, <br />City Hall, - <br />South Bend, Indiana. <br />Gentlemen <br />Councilman Bishop seconded the motion. <br />May 8, 1946 <br />The Board of Public Works and Safety wishes to acknowledge the receipt of a communication from your <br />Honorable body together with a petition addressed to the Mayor and signed by thirty -seven Master <br />Plumbers, relative to the appointment of an assistant Plumbing Inspector. <br />No action has as yet has'been taken on this petition. <br />Very truly yours, <br />BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS AND SAFETY <br />James P. Conboy, Clerk <br />Councilman Bishop made a motion that the report be accepted. Councilman Richardson seconded the motion. <br />Motion carried. <br />