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MEETING TMAY 27th, 1946 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of-South'Bend, Indiana, met in regular session <br />in the Council Chambers, City Hall, on Monday, May 27th, 1946, at 8 :20 P.M., with all members present <br />except Councilman Hull. The reading of the Minutes of the previous meeting was waived. <br />President Kdrp al presided. <br />The following reports from 'tam F. Qualls, Superintendent of the Electrical Department of the City of <br />South Bend, addressed to the Board of Works and Safety, and referred to the Council by the Board <br />of Works and ;Safety, were read: <br />STREET LIGHT ON O TSEGO STREET: <br />Otsego is a one block street, with several nice homes, that is entirely without illumination from any <br />street light. The nearest light is at the railroad crossing on Pokagon Street but it shed no light <br />on Otsego Street. <br />Angella Boulevard is a much traveled street with no light between Michigan Street and Hillcrest Street. <br />In order to better illuminate Angella Boulevard and at the same time shed some light on Otsego Street, <br />I would recommend that a 4000 lumen street light-be installed on Angella Boulevard at the entrance to <br />Otsego Street. The cost will be $32.40 per year. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />VW F. QUALLS <br />STREET LIGHT AT FARNE AN AND ST. JOSEPH STREETS: <br />Petition for street light at the intersection of Farneman Street and St. Joseph Street, has been <br />referred to Mr. Qualls for an investigation and report. <br />JAMES P. CONBOY, Clerk <br />BOARD OF PUBLIC V,O'RKS AND SAFETY <br />STREET LIGHT IN THE VICINITY OF MARQUETTE SCHOOL: <br />It is my opinion that all has been done that could be expected from the street lighting appropriation <br />to illuminate the streets in the vacinity of the Marquette School. <br />The entrance to the school building may be gloomy but, as in other instances, it appears as the <br />obligation of the School City to properly light the entrances to their buildings. <br />North of the Marquette School is practically an open field except the homes on Bergen Street. <br />I do not recommend the installation of additional lights in this vacinity at this time. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />WM F. QUALLS <br />PETITIOIS FOR STREET LIGHTS NOW ON FILE: <br />Referring to the request of the .Council for information relative to the installation of street lights <br />covered by petitions now on file, many•of which have been approved and are now on order, we can only say <br />that the Indiana & Michigan Electric Company advises that it is impossible to make the installations <br />at this time due to their inability to obtained the "equipment And materials. Some lights have been <br />installed, using such equipment as they had on hand, but their supply has now been exhausted. <br />Some 6f:the lights on order 'date back as far as December, 1944, while some lights of more recent order <br />have been installed. That is accounted for by the type of equipment they had on hand which was used to <br />the best advantage. Some of the older orders are in locations served only by high - voltage series circuits, <br />and no suitable equipment is available at present time, nor have been for some time past. <br />I believe this will explain to the Council the cause for the delay in installing street lights, and there <br />is no present indication of relief in the near future. The Indiana & Michigan Electric Co. appears unable <br />to make any definite promises as to when installations will be made. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />WM F. QUALLS <br />Councilman Richardson made a motion that the reports be accepted. Councilman Heideman seconded the motion. <br />Motion carried. <br />REPORT FROM STREET DEPARTMENT: <br />May 15th, 1946. <br />To the -Common Council of the City of South Bend. <br />Gentlemen: <br />The Street Department-has a truck, item No. 15, a Studebaker -l2 ton dump truck, Serial No. J -15 -1154, <br />motor number IT- 17887, year 1937, purchased in April of 1937, which is no longer in service and which <br />no longer has any real,va.lue to the City. <br />The undersigned states of his own knowledge the true full value of said truck is less than One hundred <br />($100.00) dollars. <br />Very truly yours, <br />C. F. BALKA, <br />Street Commissioner <br />Councilman Brannan made a motion that the report be accepted. Councilman Mirobha seconded the motion. <br />Motion carried. <br />