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October 14th, 1935 REGULAR MEETING <br />MINUTES <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening October 14th, 1935, at <br />the hour of 7:35 P.M. All members present except Councilman James. President Hull presided. • <br />Councilman Chembers moved that the minutes of the last meeting be dispensed with. Councilman <br />Rasmussen seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />COMMUNICATION: <br />STATE -BOARD OF TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />231 State House <br />Indianapolis, Indiana <br />September 13, 1935 <br />Miss Mar, B. L. Taylor, <br />j City Clerk, <br />South Bend, Indiana <br />Dear Madam: <br />Enclosed please find certified copy of the order as made by this board in the matter of addition- <br />al appropriations for the City of South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana. <br />Yours very truly, <br />STATE BOARD OF TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />C. A. Ketchum <br />Secretary. <br />STATE OF INDIANA <br />OFFICE OF THE STATE BOARD-OF TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />In the matter of additional <br />appropriations for the City No. 929 <br />of South Bend, St. Joseph <br />County, Indiana. <br />September 13, 1935 <br />petition having been filed by the proper officials of the City of South Bend, St. Joseph County <br />Irdiena, in the matter of additional appropriations in the sutra of $3,750-00; and; <br />hi"s matter having been set for hearing on September 11th at 2 :30 P. M., and. report having been <br />ade, and this board having fully-considered all the facts does now affirm said additional <br />ppropriations in the sum of $3 ?50.00, and the unpaid part to beer interest. not to exceed five <br />ercent per enr_um. <br />STATE BOARD OF TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIANA <br />PHILIP ZOERCHER, Chairman <br />ttest: <br />E C R E T A R Y <br />TATE OF INDIANA <br />FFICE_OF STATE BOARD <br />F TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />C. A. Ketchum, Secretary of the state board of tax commissioners:do hereby certify that the .. <br />bove.and foregoing is a full, true and complete copy of the order as matte by this board in the <br />Bove entitled matter on this the 13th, day of September, 1935. <br />fitness my hand end the seal of this board on this the 13th day of September, 1935. <br />C. A. Ketchum <br />S E C R E T A R Y <br />OMMUNICATION: <br />THE STUDEBAKER CORPORATION <br />South Bend., Indiana <br />Aug- 15Y 1935 <br />ommon Council <br />ity Hall <br />outh Bend, Indiana. <br />entlemen: <br />suggest that You use the attached in connection with one of your business sessions. <br />Very truly yours, <br />Don Wilson <br />on 0. Wilson <br />1044 Lincoln <br />August 13, 1935 <br />eer Bill: <br />f you would like to do your good deed for the day read the following and take up at your next <br />oundl meeting. <br />f the residents on ''hest Colfax, which efter all is not a long stteet, really want something to <br />omplain about, they should live on Lincoln Way West. I believe that twenty to thirty trucks pass <br />ver Lincoln Way West to one that travels on West Colfax. <br />paid a tax assessment this spring covering the widening and resurfacing of Lincoln Way several • <br />ears age, the expense of which will probably have to be duplicated in a few years because of the <br />normous amount of heavy traffic which is permitted to pass over this thorofere without regard <br />or weight or speed. <br />woke up about four o'clock this morning and counted the trucks. These averaged over a fifteen <br />II I •' ` <br />