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ember 9th. 1 <br />MINUTES <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South, Indiana, met in the Regular <br />Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Mondey evening September 9th, 1935, at the <br />hour of 7:30 o'clook P. M. All members present. President Hull presided. Co--3ncilman Hull <br />moved that the muntues of the last two meetings be dispensed with. <br />STATE-BOARD OF TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />231 State House - <br />Indianapolis, Indiana. <br />September 4, 1935 <br />Mary B. L. Taylor, <br />City Clerk, <br />South Bend, Indiana <br />and Taxpayers, <br />Miss Taylor; Gentlemen: <br />Please be advised that a hearing will be held in the county auditor's office on September 11th <br />at 2:30 P. M., regarding.additional appropriations for the City of South Bend, St. Joseph <br />County, Indiana. <br />Yours verty truly, _ <br />STATE BOARD OF TAX COMMISSIONERS <br />C. A. Ketchum <br />Secretary. <br />GG <br />Councilman Goetz moved that the Ways and Means Committee attend the public hearing with City <br />Attorney`'h1r. Hunter, on September 11th, 1935. <br />REPORT OF THE CITY CONTROLLER Or THE CITY OF SOUTH BED ?D FOR <br />- - - - <br />THE MONTH OF JULY , 1935 <br />- - - - - - - - - -- X924,764.5 3 <br />Balance on Hand first of Month - - - - - - - - - - - <br />- <br />- - - - -- -906, 0 01.70 <br />Balance July 31st, 1935----------------------- <br />Respectfully Submitted, Fred Woodward, City Controller. <br />Report of City Controller 'was dispensed grith- -as each member <br />had a copy. Councilman Chambers <br />moved that report be accepted and placed. on file. <br />REPORT OF- -THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR <br />THE MONTH OF AUGUST, 193 . <br />Balance on Hand first of Month - - - - ------------ <br />- - - - - <br />- - - - -- <br />- - - - -- 19610,005-03, <br />1. <br />06,00 7 <br />Balance August 31st-, 1935--- ---- ---------------- <br />Respectfully - Submitted, Fred Woodwra-rd, City Controller. <br />Report of City Controller was dispensed with as each. member <br />had a copy. Co,ncilma.n Chambers <br />moved that report be accepted and placed on file. <br />REPORT OF STREET COMMISSIONER: <br />COAVIISSIONER OF STREETS <br />South Bend-, Indiana <br />September, 3, 1935. <br />TO THE HONORABLE COUNCIL <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA <br />HONORABLE SIRS: <br />The following is'a report of work done by my departments during the month of August 1935: <br />296 loads of cinders-- p1sced in ruts and holes in streets and alleys. <br />1953 paper, caner emptied (64 each day) . <br />626- - blocks of streets cleaned by hand. <br />1116 curb miles of street cleaned by machine.' <br />521 loads of sweepings taken to various dumps. <br />397 blocks,-of streets flushed. <br />23 holes in streets repaired with - hot - asphalt. <br />46 cuts in a sphalt streets repaired. with hot asphalt. <br />3 ton-s--of scrapasphelt cooked and used. on above. <br />27 blocks of dirt streets- dragged. <br />225 blocks of dirt streets graded <br />13 blocks of dirt streets oiled (oil furnished by owners) <br />1 street sign repaired. <br />2 city- dumps cleaned. <br />749 curb blocks of weeds cut- by hand and machine. <br />22 emergency--calls answered (broken glass etc.). <br />14 loads of refuse hauled from public buildings. <br />450 dead animals taken to dump. <br />1296 blocks of streets cleaned by cart men at night (45 each night). <br />19 blocks of sidewalk cleaned. <br />100 trees- on perkw?ys' cuty end trimmed. <br />125 loads of pving brick hauled into y ^rd. <br />4' loads of scrap asphalt hauled -into yard. <br />41 rolls and humps- in asphalt pavements smoothed. <br />4042 feet of main sewer dragged. <br />27 loads of sewer-,dirt taken to dumps. <br />15 main sewers repaired. <br />41 main sewers flushed. <br />6 private sewers flushed. <br />22 manholes cleaned. <br />20 manholes repaired. <br />1. new manhole installed. <br />1075 catch basins cleaned. <br />1. 239 catch basins a2jaNix2oY flushed. <br />66 catch basins repaired <br />1 new catch basin installed. <br />• <br />• <br />■ <br />'I <br />• <br />• <br />