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JULY 8th, 1935 <br />MINUTES <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />3:13 <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South fiend, Indiana, met in the <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening, July 8th, 19312 ?t <br />the hour of 9:53 o'clock P. M. All members present. President Hull presided. Councilman <br />Goetz moved that the minutes of the last meeting be dispensed with. Councilmen Rasmusses <br />seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />CARD OF THANKS: <br />The family of Frpnk H. Goetz Sr. wish to express their deep appreciation of your kindness <br />and sy?.ypathT; in their recent sorrow. Councilman Chambers moved thrt the card be placed on <br />file. Councilman Kerner seconded the motion. Motion carried. <br />PETIT?ON: <br />July 24, 1935 <br />Board of Public Safety <br />City of South Bend, I;}diana <br />We, the undersigned, being tax- payers and property owners of the City of South Bend, do <br />send. in this petition in an effort to put a stop to the ball - playing in the alley et the rear <br />of the home of Prs. Keebler's 712 Wenger St., because of the fact that it has become a menace <br />to the order and tieace of the neighborhood, and because of the fact that it has <br />caused destruc - <br />for.investigrtion. <br />tion of property in the vicinity <br />at which it occured. <br />Fred Brinkman <br />720 <br />Wenger Street <br />Christien W. Zimmer <br />705 <br />E. <br />Pen Ave. <br />Pauline Zimmer <br />707 <br />E. <br />Pen Ave. <br />Wm.. 0. Beghtel <br />701 <br />E. <br />Penn. <br />Ave. <br />Mrs. Fluegel <br />722 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Hubert J. Rosewicx <br />730 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />"rs -. Chas E. Jones <br />734 <br />E._Wenker <br />St. <br />Clera Rosewicz <br />730 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Mr. Chas E. Jones <br />734 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Mrs. H. L. Jones <br />.734 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Mr. J. Stross <br />718 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Mrs. J. Stross <br />718 <br />'W. <br />Wen 'ger <br />S . <br />Edward Gartiser <br />718 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />SI. <br />Martha G?rtiser <br />718 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Frank J. Blem <br />726 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />Annette Keebler <br />712 <br />E. <br />Wenger <br />St. <br />On M6tion of Councilman Kerner, was <br />referred to the Police Department <br />ounc lman Bierwpp-en seconded. the <br />motion. Motion carried. <br />caused destruc - <br />for.investigrtion. <br />