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ril 22nd. 1935. REGULAR MEETING <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Regular Session in the Council Chambers of the City Hell, Mondry evening April 22nd, 1935, at <br />the hour of 7:50 o'clock P. Y. All Members present. President Hull ?resided. The Minutes <br />of the previous meeting_ was read ?nd on Motion of Councilman Hull, was accepted es read. <br />Motion carried. <br />C01,9.1UN10ATION: <br />NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS <br />Brench 330 South fiend., Indiana <br />April 16, 1935 <br />To the Members of the City Council, <br />City of South Bend, <br />South Bend, Indiana. <br />Gentlemen: <br />At a special meeting of Branch 330 Nationel Letter Carriers Association the following re- <br />solution wcs pest; <br />Where as; It is necessary for the Carriers to report at 5:30 or 6 o'clock Central Stand- <br />ard Time, or one hour eerl-ier Daylight Saving Time. This deprives them of much needed rest <br />during the he ^t of the- summer months. <br />Therefore; Be it resolved that Brench 330 National Letter Carriers Association favors a con - <br />tinuence of Central Standard Time in place of Daylight Saving Time. <br />We earnestly desire your careful consideration of this matter and hope that you will do all <br />in vour power -to keep the City of South Bend, 5n Central Standard Time during the summer months. <br />We believe that the largest majority of the people of the City of South Bend do not f?vor day- <br />light Saving Time. If you will recall several jVears past at one.of the city elections, a <br />plebiscite was t2ken on this metter. Daylight Saving Time was voted down by the large majority <br />of three or four to one. <br />Therefore, we believe that your cannot conscientiously bring into effect a plan which does <br />not have the support of the largest majority of the people of our city. <br />We thank you for your kind consideretion in this matter. <br />With best wishes and regerds, I remain. <br />Sincerely yours, <br />W. H. Claxton <br />Secretery <br />On Motion of Councilman Chambers the Communication was accepted and ordered to be placed on <br />file. Motion carried. <br />919 E. Fox St., <br />South Bend, Ind., <br />April 122 1935. <br />City Council, <br />South Bend, Ihdiane.. <br />Gentlemen:— <br />As individuals, serving as members of the city Council, your personal vote will be required <br />on the much talked about end. discussed Daylight Savings ordinance for the City of South Bend, <br />Whether or not you will be. guided by personal opinion only, or through the influence of the <br />minority who seem to 2ssurne the whip because of authority in their respective business fields, <br />your decision should be rendered ?ccording to the majority of people who placed you in the <br />position of trust which your council duties require. <br />Daylight savings time is just another one of those artificial moves sponsored under our <br />present systems of economics, end which has proved to be valueless.. It is very amusing to <br />read in our.pepers statements mode by certain individuals xkix.k with positions of trust claiming <br />inconvenience, turmoil, end whatnot should our city fail to follow in the footsteps of other <br />localities. <br />It. is natural for humans to experiment and tinker with the mechanicalthnge, Which in this <br />case happens to be watches and clocks who simply serve us to schedule our business and social <br />engagements. The world is now so full of experts, executives, technicians, etc., that it seems <br />very strange they do not attempt to speed up or slow up the revolutions of this world to adjust <br />the periods of light and darkness, or day and night, to conform to the present setup of the <br />watches and clocks that tick off.the seconds, minutes and hours of time. <br />The physical conditon of children, men and women depends on certain regularit?_es. Good rest <br />is one of these requisites, and requires some regularity which becorres possible through habit. <br />%he change of such.a habit by a short period of only sixty minutes or one hour means a lot. To <br />the wife and mother, this one hour earlier rising disrupts the much needed rest, and finally whet <br />the day is finished hes increased the length of her day by one hour, because the time of retire= <br />ment is delayed due to daylight extending by advance clock timing to nine o'clock and even later <br />in the midsummer. To the laborer this moring hour rest is very beneficial and. an asset to his <br />employer in his daily activities. To the executive this hour should likewise be beneficial. <br />Plenty of time is left in our day for.recreation because under the NIRA most places of industry <br />close from one —half to e whole hour earlier than they formerly did_. Most 'm-portent of ell it <br />our children, and they surely are entitled to the fullest of consideration, regardless of how <br />we older people and parents feel 2bout this daylight savings proposition for a metter of five <br />months or so. <br />The claims of individuals that our f2ilure to follow step by advancing our clocks and <br />watches will cause business upheavel, evidently are not familiar 'with the geogrexphical timing <br />of our broad United States. We Pre taught from childhood that the United States is divided in-foi <br />timing zones differing 2s much ?s thr =e hours. We know, this and govern our regular business <br />activi. ties accordingly, so *hy should it be any more difficult to stay on our present time and <br />Ir <br />