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January 14th, 1935• <br />REGULAR MEETING. <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the <br />Regular Session m in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Monday evening,January 14th, 1935 <br />at the hour of 7 :45 o'clock P. M. All Members present . President Hull prSdided. The Minutes <br />of the two previous meetings were read and on Motion of Councilman Goetz were accepted -as <br />read . Motion carried. <br />REPORT''OF THE CITY CONTROLLER OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND FOR THE MONTH.OF NOVEMBER 1935. <br />Balance on Hand-First of Month ............................ 156s3356.29 <br />Balance - Novs9 30, 1934 ..... ............................... 212,62 .09 <br />Respectfully Submitted, E. J. McErlain, City Controller. On Motion of Councilman <br />Goetz the Report was accepted and ordered to be placed on file. Motion carried. <br />APPOINTMENT -07 STANDING COMMITTEES FOR THE YEAR 1935- <br />ST �iNDI' G COIDAITTEE FOR THE YEAR 1935 <br />George F. Hull, <br />1 - - <br />President. <br />Guy A.'Fibh, Vice - President _ <br />William Bierwagen, Chairman, Committee <br />of <br />the Whole <br />WAYS AND MEANS: <br />39.7111 <br />H. ­ <br />04W <br />Howard L. Chambers, <br />Chairman, <br />1126 E. Irvington <br />H, <br />3 -1390 --. <br />�11xNYxMaIxXt Y <br />0. <br />3 -2149 <br />George F. Hull, <br />311 N. Main St. <br />H. <br />3-4577 -- <br />0 . <br />3-1141 <br />George W. Goetz, <br />210 W. Madison St. <br />H. <br />o. <br />3 -6161 <br />STREETS3 ALLEYS, BRIDGES: <br />William S. James, <br />Chairman, <br />1429 E. Wayne St. <br />H. <br />-4888 <br />0. <br />Guy A. Fish, <br />111 Pokagon St. <br />H. <br />4 -4554 <br />0. <br />3 -5-065 <br />Fred G, Kerner, <br />923 Twyckenham Dr. <br />H. <br />3 -7655 <br />0, <br />SEWERS AND DRAINS: <br />William Bierwa.gen, <br />Chairman, <br />401 N. Walnut St. <br />H. <br />0. <br />i <br />Guy A. Fish, <br />111 Pokagon St. <br />H. <br />4 -x-554 <br />0. <br />5065 <br />4 <br />William E. Rasmussen, <br />1323 E, Ewing Ave. <br />H. <br />-T230 <br />4 4721 <br />o, <br />GRIEVANCES: <br />Dr. Max J. Pa.lieki, <br />Chairman, <br />314 12aple St. <br />H. <br />0. <br />-2524 <br />George F. H�x7_l, <br />3 11 N. ILain St . <br />H. <br />3 <br />-45 <br />3 77 <br />- <br />- - <br />o.3 -1141 , <br />George W. Goetz, <br />210 W. Madison St. <br />-H. <br />o. <br />3 -6161 <br />ORDINANCES: <br />George F. Hull, <br />Chairmen, <br />311 N. Hain -St. <br />H. <br />0 <br />3 -4577 <br />3 -111 <br />Dr. Max J. Palicki <br />314 Maple St. <br />H. <br />0, <br />2324 <br />William E. Rasmussen, <br />1323 E. .Ewing Ave. <br />u. <br />4 -1230 <br />4-4M. <br />o. <br />CLAIAMS <br />Fred G. Kerner, <br />Chairman, <br />923 Twyckenh.e m Dr. <br />H. <br />3 -7638 <br />0. <br />Howard L. Chambers, <br />1126 E. Irving#�on <br />H. <br />3- 130. <br />0. <br />-21 <br />Guy A. Fish, <br />ill Pokagon St. <br />H. <br />o, <br />3 -5065 <br />FEES AND SALARIES: <br />Howard L. Chambers, <br />Chairman, <br />11261E. Irvington <br />H, <br />3-1390 <br />o. <br />3 -2149 <br />Dr. Max J. Palicki, <br />314. Ma »le St. <br />H. <br />0, <br />3 -2 ,724 <br />Fred G. Kerner., <br />923 Twyckenham Dr. <br />H. <br />3 -7638 <br />0. <br />ELECTIONS: <br />Guy A. Fish, <br />George F. Hull, <br />Fred G. Kerner, <br />MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS' <br />William E• Raswu.ssen, <br />Wm. Bierwagen, <br />William S. James, <br />Cna.irrlan, Ill Pokagon St, <br />311 N,. r "a in St. <br />923 Twyckenham Dr. <br />Ohairman, 1323 E. Ewing Ave. <br />401 N. Walnut St <br />1429 E.` Wayne St.' <br />H. 4 -4554 <br />0. 3-5065 <br />H. 3 -4-F77 <br />o. 3 -1141 <br />H. 3 -7638 <br />0. <br />x <br />X1230 <br />0. <br />4-4721 <br />p <br />39.7111 <br />H. ­ <br />04W <br />