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: .-2, <br />II January 7th, 1935• ANNUAL MEETING. 0 <br />MINUTES. <br />Be it Remembered that the Common Council of-the City of -South Bend,,Indiana, met-in the <br />Council Chambers in the City Hall, on January 7th, 1935 at the hour of 7 :45 o1olockP. M. <br />for their Annual Meeting. All Members present. <br />City Clerk Mary B. L. Taylor stated that it becamesthe duty of the Members of the <br />Common Council to select a temporary chairman to preside.ever the Meeting. <br />Councilman Chambers makes a Motion that Councilman Goetz be selected as Temporary <br />Chairman, said motion was seconded by Councilman Rasmussen, Motion carried and Councilman <br />Goetz takes the chair as Temporary Chairman. <br />CouncilmannGoetz next states that it is the duty of the Common Council to elect a <br />President and a Vice - President for the ensuing year m and asks the pleasure of the Council. <br />Councilman Chambers nominates the name of Councilman Hull, Councilman Palicki nominates the <br />name of Councilman Bierwagen. Councilman James makes a Motion that nominations)be closed, <br />said motion carried,Councilman Goetz appoints Councilmen James, Rasmussen and Palicki as <br />Tellers. The result of the 90 vote is as follows: Councilman Hull received five votes and <br />Geo. F. <br />Councilman Bierwagen received four votes. Councilman/ Hull is elected as President of the <br />.Council for the ensuing year. Councilman Hull takes the chair as President. <br />President Hull states that /Mw becomes the duty of the Common Council to elect a Vice- <br />President of the Common Council for the ensuming fta n and asks the pleasure of the Council.. <br />Councilman James nominates the name of Councilman Fish, there being no at;her.n€minations, <br />nominations are closed and Councilman Guy Ae Fish is elected Vice - President of Common Council <br />by alamation. <br />for the ensuing year, The lerk now casts the vote for Councilman Fish as Vice - President. <br />.President Hull stated that a Chairman of the Committee of the Whole should be selected <br />or appointed. Councilman James nominates the name of Councilman Bierwagen. There being no <br />further nominations. Councilman Bierwagen is appointed Chairman of the Comnitte a of the Whole. <br />Councilman Chamber$,makes a Motion that the Chairman only be appointed for the period of one <br />year. Motion carr5ed. <br />2here.�being no further business , Councilman Goetz makes a Motion to adjourn. Motion <br />carriedi and the Council adjourned at S OO o'clock P. M. Motion carried. <br />ATTEST <br />C ERR <br />.1! <br />APPROVED <br />PRESIDENT. <br />*I <br />0 <br />C] <br />*I <br />