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it . -W <br />—r-e nti- remexr: _�� rgzrgrey— appr�- -an -app �e� ratrve- -ra rse -rrr� n e -r i rom - a y. e p u , <br />John F. DeGroote, US C.S.C. <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />South Bend, Ind. Jan. 5 — 34. <br />To the honorable Council, City of South Bend <br />Gentlemen:: The undersigned as a taxpayer of the City of So. Bend, let me say a few words; about <br />our fire department. We all know that they are underxid paid, even to the smallest town in S <br />Joseph County so please consider this at your next meeting as a protection for our city. Respectfully <br />yours, A. Piswosz. r <br />COMMUNICATION. St. Matthef's P arish, 1701 Miami Street <br />South Bend, Ind. January 7-, 19.34. <br />The City.Council, South Bend, Ind. <br />Dear Sirs : — In behalf of the Firemen and Policemen ofthe City of South Bend, I am writing this <br />letter with the understanding that it might benefit not only the above mentioned but all the <br />citizens of this city. <br />There is no one, I believe, who has escaped a reduction in monthly wages. The present :policy o <br />the.government is to increase rather than decrease the buying power ofthe individual. To further <br />reduce the wages of the Firemen and Policemen would, in my opinion, be detarimental to the COMMLnity. <br />According to the adage -- we give in proportion as we receive - -, a reduction ern wages, would <br />necessarily weaken the safety, protection and well being afforded the citizens by these two cla <br />ses. <br />I hope the above will be received in the same spirit as it is written and intended. With kindest <br />regards, Sincerely yoyrs, A. J. Wibbert. <br />COMMUNICATION. y' =' <br />January 6, 1934. <br />To the Honorable Council C1ty of South Bend: <br />Gentlemen: In regards to our South Bend Fire Dept. I understand the duty of the Fireman,.and I must <br />say that I do not know the reason why the South Bend Fire Dept* receives less pay than any other <br />City in St. Joseph County for their faithful servvice, I recommend to your honorable body to in <br />rease" <br />their pay. Respectfully Yoursk, Nazmir Fiwek, 450 So. Carlisle. <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />January 6, 19340 ` <br />To the Honorable Council, Uty of South Bend, <br />Gentlemen : — Regards to our South Bend Fire Dept. must say South Bend has one of the best Fire D <br />pt. <br />in the State of Indiana in accordance , the fires we have in the City, we have one of the <br />lowest loses in the Northern part of the State and I fully understand that this Dept. is lowest <br />} <br />paid in the State so I hereby recommend thegir salary should be increased at least according to <br />the <br />National Code. Respectfully Yours, Joseph IM Dusiynsk: ., 1226 Dunham St. <br />COMMUNICATION. January 6, 1934. r <br />To the Honorable Council City of So. Bend. <br />Gentlemen : — In regards to our South Bend Fire Dept. I have the honor to say that-South Bend fir <br />dept. is onwmof the best in the state for their to ality and faithful service, to my judgement <br />they are under paid according to other Citieg. 34 � per hr* is not enough pay for firemen. I d( <br />10'& <br />recommend an increase in salary for this organization. Respectfully Yours, Edward Be Magera. <br />Napier St. South Bend, Ind. <br />COMMUNICATION. <br />South Bend, Indiana, January 25, 1934.` <br />City Council, South Bend, Ind. <br />Gentlemen: In my estimation the South Bend Fire Department is one of the best in the State of <br />• <br />Indiana, for their loyal:yty and faithful service. They are underpaid according to other Cittes, <br />and <br />I firmly believe that their compensation should be higher for their hazardous work and the <br />Dr. M. J. Palic <br />i, <br />great service they are performing to the City of South Bend. Very truly yours, <br />M.J.P. MJP.RBY. <br />The Fair, 1924 Western Aveenue <br />South Bend, Indiana, Jan.' 6 19340 <br />To the Honary Council of the City of South Bend Ind.' <br />Gentlemen: Much to my regret that I cannot appear in person to discuss the City Firemenla pay <br />( S -ee page 2251. <br />