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repeal any former salary ordinance which fixed salaries for a four year period.' <br />We wish to make it very clear and emphatic that any ordinance enacted at tints time <br />becomes legal and binding under all circumstances, without the necessity of voluntary <br />` reductions through resolution. The Mayor himself may force still further voluntary reductioc <br />if he chooses, although such further reductions would not be legally binding, but that is he <br />affair.' <br />Said Section 3 reads as follows: <br />Sec. 3 (a) Any salary of -any officer of any municipal sub — divisions or taxibing unit <br />of this state, as fixed by this'actt, shall -be construed to be the maxiamum amount <br />which any suchnoff icer shall receive as compensation for services rendered to such <br />sub - division: or taxing unit, but nothing eontained'in this act shall be so construed <br />as to prohibit any board, council, commission, officer or other legally constituted <br />authority having the power to fix salaries, to fix the salary :t of any officer subject <br />to the jurisdiction of such legally constituted authority, at a lesser amount than is <br />prescribed in this= act. <br />The foregoing section, as we are advised, is in no particular altered or affected in <br />its application to salaries for the present year by the Acts of the regular session of the. <br />legislature of this year, 1933, since the provisions of the latter are..made to apply to <br />salaries;L or to effect salary changes only after January 1, 1934. <br />Regarding the claim that the Mayor by virtue of the provisions of Chapter 60, Section 1, <br />at page 427 of the Acts of 1933, has, by executive order, if such happens to be the fact, <br />decreased certain appropriations, and certain appropriations applying to salaries, and <br />thereby assumes to supersede, annul and foreclose legislative authority of ,the council, we ax <br />advised and report to the council that said Chapter 60 gives to both the common council and 't <br />mayor concurrent authority and jurisdiction to reduce appropriations atnany time during the,, <br />year, but that the common council has the additional and the sole Iegisbatsmive authority <br />to fix salaries, and that its legislative acts in:so fixing salaries cannot under any <br />construction of the law be restricted or b nullified by any executive act or order on the pax <br />of the Mayor.' <br />There has not been, and there is not now, any misundertanding such as to preclude the <br />common council from acting within its rights as stated upon the ordinance before it.` <br />Dated this 7th day-of June, 1933. <br />Geo.' W. Goetz <br />John C. Nelsom <br />On.Motion of Councilman Goetz the Report was adopted. Motion carried. <br />On Motion of. 0ouncim1man Jaworski the Council adjourned at 7:40 o'clock P:' M. Motion <br />carried. - <br />ATTEST <br />Aa�^. ,Oz iI/"o. ni <br />0 <br />PRO D <br />PRESIDENT. <br />e <br />