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REGULAR MEETING <br />MARCH 13, 1978 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend met in the Council Chambers <br />of the County -City Building on Monday, March 13, 1978, at 7:00 P.M. Council President Parent <br />presiding. The meeting was called order, and the Pledge to the Flag was given. <br />ROLL CALL PRESENT: Council Members Serge, Szymkowiak, Miller, Taylor, <br />Kopczynski,•Adams, Dombrowski,Horvath and Parent <br />ABSENT: None <br />REPORT FROM THE SUB - COMMITTEE ON MINUTES <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />Your sub - committee on the inspection and supervision of the minutes would respectfully <br />report that it has inspected the minutes of the February 27, 1978 Council meeting and the <br />Special Meeting of March 6, 1978, and found them correct. <br />The sub - committee, therefore, recommends that the same be approved. <br />/s /Mary Christine Adams <br />/s /Roger Parent <br />Council Member Serge made a motion that the minutes of the February 27, 1975, meeting and the <br />Special Meeting minutes of March 6, 1978, be placed on file, seconded by Council Member Horvath. <br />The motion carried. <br />Council Member Taylor made a motion to resolve into the Committee of the Whole, seconded by <br />Council Member Adams. The motion carried. <br />COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE <br />Be it remembered <br />Whole on Monday, <br />presiding. <br />BILL NO. 4 -78 <br />that the Common Council of the City of South Bend met in the Committee of the <br />March 13, 1978, at 7:05 p.m., with nine members present. Chairman Frank Horva <br />A BILL AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 4990 -68, AS AMENDED, <br />COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA (CHAPTER 21, MUNICIPAL CODE) <br />(STATE ROAD 123 AND LINDEN AVENUE.) <br />This being the time heretofore set for public hearing on the above bill, proponents and opponent <br />were given an opportunity to be heard. Mr. Rick Cary of Area Plan, indicated that the petitioner <br />Colpaert Realty was requesting this rezoning to "D" light industrial. Members of the Council <br />asked if the petition was in the CHambers. As the petitioner was not present, Council President <br />Parent made a motion to continue public hearing on this bill until the next regular meeting of <br />the Council, seconded by Council Member Taylor. The motion carried. <br />