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REGULAR MEETING <br />APRIL 26, 1993 <br />Be it remembered that the Council of the City of South Bend met in the Council <br />Chambers of the County -City Building on Monday, April 26, 1993, at 7:00 p.m. The <br />meeting was called to order and the Pledge to the Flag was given. <br />ROLL CALL <br />Present: Council Members Luecke, Washington, <br />Kelly, Puzzello, Slavinskas, Zakrzewski, <br />Coleman, Duda, and Ladewski <br />Absent: None <br />REPORTS OF CITY OFFICES <br />Kevin Horton, City Controller, said there would be regularly scheduled reports from <br />City office. He gave a report of his office. <br />Council Member Coleman made a motion to resolve into the Committee of the Whole, <br />seconded by Council Member Puzzello. The motion carried. <br />COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of <br />Committee of the Whole on April 26, 1993, at 7:15 p.m., <br />Chairman Zakrzewski presiding. <br />BILL NO. 8 -93 A BILL AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE <br />NORTH SIDE OF THE T- INTERSECTION OF <br />AND PATTY LANE, PORTAGE TOWNSHIP, IN <br />INDIANA. <br />South Bend met in the <br />with nine members present. <br />FOR PROPERTY LOCATED AT <br />3OPE AVENUE, BENTLEY AVENUE <br />THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND, <br />This being the time heretofore set for public hearing on the above bill, proponents <br />and opponents were given an opportunity to be heard. Council Member Slavinskas made <br />a motion to accept the substitute bill on file with the City Clerk, seconded by <br />Council Member Coleman. The motion carried. Council Member Slavinskas reported <br />that the Zoning and Vacation Committee had met on this bill and recommended it to <br />the Council favorable. John Byorni, Area Plan, gave the Commission report, which <br />was favorable. He indicated there was only one letter in opposition to this <br />apartment building. Richard Morgan, attorney for Madison Center, made the <br />presentation for the bill. He indicated Madison Center was planning to construct a <br />21 unit apartment building, which would house 20 chronically ill patients and one <br />apartment for the manager. He indicated this property was previously zoned for a <br />sixty unit apartment complex with 65 parking spaces, and would be much less intense <br />than a 21 unit complex. He described the surrounding property which is <br />multi - family, as well as single family homes. Jack Roberts, Director of Madison <br />Center, indicated that over the past ten years they have provided service to 70,000 <br />people, and they have an outstanding record. He indicated this project would help <br />improve the quality of life to everyone living in this community. Marzy Bauer, <br />Associate Director of Madison Center, indicated these apartments will be subsidized <br />through HUD, and will bring 1.5 million in rent subsidies in to the community. She <br />indicated 3,300 people in our community have mental illness. She indicated their <br />clients come from residential neighborhoods and deserve to live in a residential <br />neighborhood setting, since they are not dangerous or prone to violence. Dan <br />Fitzpatrick, President of the Madison Center Board, indicated they have a waiting <br />list of over 200 for residential living. He indicated these were not people who <br />should be locked up somewhere, they are members of our community who are ill. He <br />indicated the Board was unanimously in support of this project. Dr. Elaine Wehren, <br />Project Director for Sustaining Services, indicated the people who will live in this <br />facility do not need 24 hour care. Kim Eby, 437 N. Niles, indicated she was an <br />apartment manager and the people living there do not need daily assistance. Tom <br />Broden, 201 W. North Shore, a representative of the local task force for housing of <br />the disabled or disadvantaged, spoke in favor of this zoning. Mark McInery, a <br />patient of Madison Center, spoke in favor of this zoning. Ruth Tulchinsky, 3022 <br />Essex; Virginia Nawrocki, 3031 Boynton; Pat Bryan, president if the Michiana Chapter <br />of the National Association of Physically Handicapped; Howard Uhrig, 61570 <br />Elderberry, Ernest Dixon 2706 Walls, Judy Amico, 233 S. Hawthorne, spoke in favor of <br />the zoning. Audry Colburn, 617 S. Phillipa, read a letter from Rev. John M. Darcy <br />in support of this project. Diane Priest, executive director of the Mental Health <br />Association, read a letter from the Association in favor of this zoning. Michael <br />Elliott, Caldwell Bankers, indicated he worked with Madison Center to find a site <br />for this project, and he was in favor of the zoning. Richard Tiszker, 51138 Lily <br />Rd., indicated he was against the zoning because of the proximity to Edison School. <br />Debra Pilipow, 1118 Victory Lane, indicated she had presented a petition signed by <br />171 people in the immediate area of this zoning. She indicated this facility should <br />not be built because of the school. Elaine York, 1202 Victory, Carla Powell, 1016 <br />Victory, Ed Pilipow, 1118 Victory; Ralph Hall, 3426 Oxford; Esther Passman, 1210 <br />Victory; and Kelly Katona, 2534 Benedict, spoke against this zoning. Council Member <br />Slavinskas made a motion to recommend this bill to the Council favorable, as <br />amended, seconded by Council Member Ladewski. The motion carried. <br />Council Member Coleman made a motion to recess, seconded by Council Member <br />Ladewski. The motion carried and the meeting was recessed at 9:15 and reconvened at <br />9:20 p.m. <br />