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Be it remembered that the Common Council met in the Council Chambers of the County - <br />City Building on Monday, October 11, 1993, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting was called to <br />order and the Pledge to the Flag was given. <br />BUSINESS <br />Present: Council Members Luecke, Washington, Kelly, <br />Puzzello, Slavinskas, Zakrzewski, Coleman, Duda <br />and Ladewski <br />Absent: None <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SOUTH <br />BEND, INDIANA, OFFICIALLY WELCOMING THE DELEGATION FROM <br />CZESTOCHOWA, POLAND, AND DECLARING THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 11, <br />1993, "CZESTOCHOWA -SOUTH BEND WEEK 1993 ". <br />WHEREAS, the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, officially <br />lcomes the Delegation from Czestochowa, Poland: <br />Tadcusz WRONA, Mayor of the Czestochowa City <br />Teodor HARABASZ, Chairperson of the Czestochowa City Council <br />Anna WOZNICKA, Vice Chairperson of the Czestochowa City Council <br />Zbigniew SLIWINSKI, Vice -Mayor of Czestochowa City <br />Adam WOSZCZYNK, Representative of the Economic Circles of Czestochowa; and <br />WHEREAS, the Common Council notes that a "Sister City Agreement" was signed <br />between the governmental officials of the City of South Bend and Czestochowa of <br />Poland, establishing ties of friendship and cooperation between these two cities; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of South Bend is privileged to show the Czestochowa Delegation <br />our City in hopes that they will be enriched by this visit. <br />NOW, therefore, be it ordained by the Common Council of the City of South Bend, <br />Indiana, as follows: <br />SECTION I. On behalf of all of the citizens of the City of South Bend, Indiana, <br />the Common Council hereby declares the week of October 10th, 1993 "Czestochowa -South <br />Bend Week 1993" and requests that all of our citizens take part in WELCOMING the <br />delegation from Czestochowa, Poland. <br />SECTION II. The Common Council on behalf of the citizens officially WELCOMES <br />Mayor WRONA, City Council Chairperson HARABASZ, City Council Vice Chairperson <br />WOZNICKA, Vice Mayor SLIWINSKI and representative WOSZCZYK of the Economic Circles of <br />Czestochowa. <br />SECTION III. Czestochowa, Poland, is a community rich in culture as evidenced <br />by its' International Festival of Sacred Music, "The Gaudemater ". It is the home of <br />the third largest steel works in Poland, and is a community of over 260,000 residents <br />which for the past six centuries has attracted over 5 million tourists annually to <br />see the Black Madonna. Czestochowa, Poland is officially and proudly acknowledged as <br />South Bend's Sister City. <br />SECTION IV. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after <br />its adoption by the Common Council and approval by the Mayor. <br />Stephen Luecke, President <br />Cleo Washington, 2nd District <br />Roland Kelly, 3rd District <br />Ann Puzzello, 4th District <br />Linas Slavinskas, 5th District <br />Thomas Zakrzewski, 6th District <br />Sean Coleman, At Large <br />Loretta Duda, At Large <br />Eugene Ladewski, At Large <br />A public hearing was held on the resolution at this time. Council Member Ladewski <br />read the resolution in Polish and English, and introduced the delegation. Tadeusz <br />Wrona, Mayor of Czestochowa read a statement, in Polish, which was translated, <br />thanking the City of South Bend for the invitation to visit; and explaining the <br />economic and cultural aspects of Czestochowa. He indicated that their development <br />plan is generating a lot of interest, and may alo attract American business since <br />they have one represented now; McDonald's has opened a new restaurant. He indicated <br />he hoped their visit will be come a strong stimulus for development of friendly <br />cooperation between Czestochowa and South Bend. Council Member Coleman made a motion <br />to adopt this resolution, seconded by Council Member Puzzello. The resolution was <br />adopted by a roll call vote of nine ayes. <br />Council President Luecke made a flag presentation for the Polish Delegation, and they <br />in turn presented the Council and the Clerk's office with brochures and lapel pins <br />from Czestochowa, as well as the seal of the City. <br />