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REGULAR MEETING <br />AUGUST 26, 1996 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South <br />Bend met in the Council Chambers of the County -City Building on <br />Monday, August 26, 1996, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting was called to <br />order and the Pledge to the Flag was given. <br />ROLL CALL Present: Council Members Luecke, <br />Pfeifer, Kelly, Broden, <br />Varner, Zakrzewski, Coleman <br />Hosinski and Washington <br />Absent: None <br />REPORT FROM THE SUB - COMMITTEE ON MINUTES <br />To the Common Council of the City of South Bend: <br />The sub - committee has inspected the minutes of the August 12, <br />meeting of the Council and found them correct. <br />Therefore, we recommend the same be approved. <br />/s/ Roland Kelly, <br />/s/ David Varner <br />Council Member Coleman made a motion that the minutes of the <br />August 22, 1996, meeting be accepted and placed on file, seconded <br />by Council Member Washington. The motion carried. <br />SPECIAL BUSINESS <br />RESOLUTION 2394 -96 A RESOLUTION OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, COMMENDING THE <br />SELF HELP FOR HARD OF HEARING PEOPLE (SHHH) <br />ON THEIR TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF PROVIDING <br />VALUABLE SERVICES TO OUR COMMUNITY <br />Whereas, the local chapter of SHHH will celebrate its 10th <br />anniversary this month; and <br />Whereas, this organization is made up of dedicated <br />individuals who meet on a regular basis to educate each other and <br />our community on the needs of individuals with hearing <br />impairments; and <br />Whereas, the members of SHHH have created a greater <br />awareness of the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities <br />Act (ADA) through educational forums, newsletters, and stress the <br />need to pursue reasonable accommodations which include but are <br />not limited to the use of teletypewriters (TTY) PC -TTY; <br />amplification devices such as loop assisted listening devices; <br />closed caption decoders and captioning for training tapes; sign <br />language interpreters and visual or vibrating singling devices; <br />and <br />Whereas, SHHH has provided invaluable information and <br />countless hours of educating the public, private business, <br />elected and appointed public officials by heightening the <br />awareness levels so that the needs of the hearing impaired can be <br />positively addressed. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Common Council of the <br />City of South Bend, Indiana, as follows: <br />Section I. On behalf of all of the residents of the City of <br />South Bend, Indiana, the South Bend Common Council publicly <br />commends all of the founding members and current members of the <br />Self -help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) upon their tenth <br />anniversary of providing volunteer services and educational <br />opportunities on the needs of the hearing impaired individuals <br />and who have dedicated themselves to positively addressing their <br />