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SPECIAL MEETING <br />JULY 31.2000 <br />Be it remembered that the Common Council of the City of South Bend, Indiana, met in the Council p.m. Themeetingwas <br />Chambers of the County -City Building on Mondaland the Invocation OOO, tion and Pledge to the Flag <br />called to order by Council President Charlotte Pf eifer <br />were given. <br />ROLL CALL <br />Present: James Aranowski <br />Charlotte Pfeifer <br />Roland Kelly <br />Karl King <br />David Varner <br />Andrew Uj dak <br />Sean Coleman <br />Al `Buddy" Kirsits <br />Karen L. White <br />Absent: None <br />SPECIAL BUSINESS: <br />1St District Vice - President <br />2nd District President <br />3rd District <br />4th District <br />Sth District <br />6th District Chairperson, Committee of the Whole <br />At -Large <br />At -Large <br />At -Large <br />ANNOUNCEMENT OF SPECIAL MEETING - AUGUST 17 2000 <br />Councilmember Varner made a motion that the Council conduct a special meeting to be held on <br />Thursday, August 17, 2000, in order to have Second Reading, Public Hearing and Third Reading on <br />the following bill: <br />BILL NO. 59-00 A BILL OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SOUTH <br />BEND, INDIANA, FIXING THE ANNUAL PAY AND <br />MONETARY FRINGE BENEFITS OF FIREFIGHTERS OF THE <br />SOUTH BEND FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR CALENDAR YEARS <br />2001, 2002, 2003 AND 2004 <br />Councilmember King seconded the motion which carried by a voice vote of nine (9) ayes. <br />COMMENTS BY MAYOR STEPHEN LUECKE REGARDING BACKGROUND ON THE <br />LIVING WAGE COMMITTEE AND PROCESS <br />Mayor Luecke informed the Council that this process began long ago and has been the subject of <br />much discussion in the community. He stated that he appreciates the opportunity to report to the <br />Council the findings of the Living Wage Study Committee and has asked Dr. Marty Wilson to <br />highlight the points in favor of the ordinance and Mr. Juan Manigault to highlight some of the <br />committee responses of an opposing view point. He further stated that he will also ask Mr. Hollis <br />Hughes and Mr. Ken Perron to make comments from their perspective as co- chairs of the committee <br />and report the end result of the committee. The Mayor stated that he will then give his response to <br />that report. <br />SUMMARY REMARKS IN FAVOR OF THE LIVING WAGE PROPOSAL <br />Dr. Marty Wolfson, a member of the Living Wage Study Committee, read his written comments. <br />He indicated that the first reason to support the living wage has to do with fairness and justice. A <br />person working hard every day should not have to live in poverty. Secondly, there has to be <br />taxpayer accountability. A Living Wage ordinance does not apply to all businesses but only those <br />doing business with the City. And finally, the Living Wage ordinance has to benefit the entire <br />community. Two (2) objections that were raised against the ordinance most often concerned skill <br />levels and attracting new firms to South Bend. In conclusion, Dr. Wolfson urged the Council to <br />pass the ordinance as submitted. <br />