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REGULAR MEETING JULY 10, 2000 <br />WHEREAS, in accordance with these rules and regulations, inspections of the below listed <br />scrap /junk/and recycling operations have been completed by the Department of Code Enforcement <br />and the Fire Department Prevention Bureau, and it has been found that such premises are fit and <br />proper for the maintenance and operation of such businesses; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of Public Works, at its meetings held on May 1, 2000, May 15, 2000 <br />and May 30, 2000 recommended the issuance of the licenses for the below listed applicants in the <br />City of South Bend by appropriate action of the Common Council. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of South <br />Bend, Indiana, as follows: <br />SECTION I. That the license applications for the following be approved based upon the <br />satisfactory review of the properties by the Department of Code Enforcement and the Fire <br />Department Prevention Bureau, inspections having been made in April and May, 2000 and <br />subsequent favorable recommendation by the Board of Public Works: <br />Scrap Management Inc. <br />Management Corporation <br />3123 S. Gertrude <br />South Bend, Indiana 46614 <br />Weaver Truck & Equipment Co. <br />3605 South Gertrude <br />South Bend, Indiana 46614 <br />C &C Salvage, Inc. <br />3123 S. Gertrude <br />South Bend, Indiana 46614 <br />Hurwich Iron Co., Inc. <br />2016 West Washington <br />South Bend, Indiana 46628 <br />SECTION II. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption by <br />the Common Council and approval by the Mayor. <br />s /Charlotte Pfeifer <br />Member of the Common Council <br />Mr. Jeremy Barclay, Business License Auditor, Administration and Finance, 12'h Floor County -City <br />Building, South Bend, Indiana, made the presentation for this Resolution. <br />Mr. Barclay advised the Council that this Resolution recommends approval of four (4) scrap yard <br />licenses to complete that part of the annual licensing process. These four (4) applicants were not <br />inspected when the previous eleven (11) applications were submitted for approval and that is why <br />this Resolution is being submitted at this time. <br />A Public Hearing was held on the Resolution at this time. <br />There being no one present wishing to speak to the Council either in favor of or in opposition to this <br />Resolution, Councilmember Coleman made a motion to adopt this Resolution. Councilmember <br />Aranowski seconded the motion which carried and the Resolution was adopted by a roll call vote <br />of eight (8) ayes. <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2903-00 A RESOLUTION CONFIRMING THE ADOPTION OF A <br />DECLARATORY RESOLUTION DESIGNATING <br />CERTAIN AREAS WITHIN THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND, <br />INDIANA, COMMONLY KNOWN AS 113, 115, 138 <br />BROADWAY AND 710 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE <br />RESIDENTIALLY DISTRESSED AREAS FOR <br />PURPOSES OF A FIVE (5) YEAR RESIDENTIAL REAL <br />PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENT FOR AMERICAN HOME <br />DREAMS, INC. <br />