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REGULAR MEETING FEBRUARY 28, 2000 <br />ages; provides services regardless of ones ability to pay; sponsors home and community based <br />recreational activities to encourage self - confidence; provides supportive care to help reinforce social <br />skills; and provides normalized activities in both play and conversation; and <br />WHEREAS, since 1993, Chiara Home, Inc. has provided special respite care services to over <br />130 families residing in the Michiana area, with this figure representing a twenty percent (20 %) <br />increase in the need for such services each year in our community. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Common Council of the City of South <br />Bend, Indiana, as follows: <br />Section I. On behalf of all the citizens of the City of South Bend, Indiana, the Common <br />Council hereby publicly declares the month of March 2000 as "DISABILITY AWARENESS <br />MONTH" in South Bend, Indiana. <br />Section II. The Council notes that there have been many advancements since the ADA was <br />passed in 1990; and wishes to acknowledge in particular some of the many contributions made by <br />the not - for - profit organization, CHIARA HOME, INC., under the day -to -day direction of its co- <br />founder, Sister Gretchen Clark, whose many services exemplify the stated goals of the Americans <br />with Disabilities Act. <br />Section III. The Common Council wishes to highlight that the respite care provided by the <br />dedicated staff and volunteers of Chiara Home, Inc. "allows a person with special needs to remain <br />as independent as possible, postpones or prevents institutionalization, lessens the potential for abuse <br />and neglect, and provides much needed support for families to remain together as functioning units <br />in our community." <br />Section IV. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption by <br />the Common Council and approval by the Mayor. <br />s /James Aranowski, First District <br />s /Charlotte Pfeifer, Second District <br />s/Roland Kelly, Third District <br />s/Karl King, Fourth District <br />s/David Varner, Fifth District <br />ATTEST: <br />s /Loretta J. Duda, City Clerk <br />s /Andrew Ujdak, Sixth District <br />s /Sean Coleman, At Large <br />s /Al `Buddy" Kirsits, At Large <br />s/Karen L. White, At Large <br />s/Kathleen Cekanski- Farrand <br />Council Attorney <br />s /Stephen J. Luecke, Mayor <br />Councilmember Ujdak made the presentation for this Resolution by reading it in its entirety and <br />presenting it to Sister Gretchen Clark of Chiara Home, Inc. <br />Sister Gretchen thanked the Council on behalf of the Board of Directors. She stated that they are <br />blessed to have this ministry. Present with Sister Gretchen were two (2) guests of Chiara Home <br />along with a parent of one of the guests. Ms. Sally Hamburg, parent of one of the guests, informed <br />the Council that as a parent she appreciates their appreciation of Chiara Home and stated that Sister <br />Gretchen is a gem. <br />A Public Hearing was held on this Resolution at this time. <br />There was no one present wishing to speak either in favor of or in opposition to this Resolution. <br />Therefore, Councilmember Coleman made a motion to adopt this Resolution. Councilmember <br />