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CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br />BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />REGULAR MEETING AGENDA <br />April 26, 2022 – 9:30 a.m. <br /> <br />Virtual Meeting Link <br />1308 County-City Building, South Bend, IN 46601 <br /> <br /> <br />ELIZABETH A. MARADIK JOSEPH R. MOLNAR GARY A. GILOT JORDAN V. GATHERS MURRAY L. MILLER <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />B. School Zone Flashing Beacons Installation – Project No. 117-075 <br />1. Company: Michiana Contracting, Inc. <br />2. Change Order No.: 1 <br />3. Increase Amount: $268,920.91; Additional Sixty (60) Days, Thirty-Eight (38) <br />Additional Flashing Beacons <br />4. Percent of Increase: 36.359% <br />5. Revised Contract Amount/Completion Date: $1,008,548.91 October 4, 2022 <br />6. Funding: 100% Federally Funded <br /> <br />5. REQUEST TO ADVERTISE FOR THE RECEIPT OF BIDS <br />A. Northwest Elevated Storage Tank Improvements – Project No. 122-018 <br />1. Funding: PR-00016364 <br /> <br />6. RESOLUTIONS <br />A. Resolution No. 21-2022 <br />A Resolution of the City of South Bend, Indiana Board of Public Works <br />Authorizing the Transfer of Real Property to the City of South Bend <br />Redevelopment Commission <br />1. Description: Vacant Lots at 34 Walnut St. and 45 Chestnut St. for <br />Redevelopment <br /> <br />7. AGREEMENTS/CONTRACTS/PROPOSALS/ADDENDA <br />A. Authorization Letter – Studebaker National Museum <br />1. Description: Authorization for Annual New Car Raffle at Studebaker National <br />Museum <br />B. Deed of Dedication – City of South Bend Venues, Parks, and Arts <br />1. Description: Right-of-Way Dedication of 3,898 Square Feet for Randolph <br />Park Improvements Project No. 120-049 for Turnaround at Alley <br />C. Contract Cancellation – Vic Butcher Construction <br />1. Description: Cancel Gemini at Colfax – Exterior Renovations - Windows <br />Contract, Division E Project No. 119-103 <br />2. Amount: $58,001.28 (Remaining) <br />3. Funding: PO-0006609 <br />D. Parking Lot Lease – Mary Coyne Investments, LLC <br />1. Description: Re-Entering into Five (5) Year Lease Agreement, Starting <br />May 1, 2022 <br />2. Amount: $1,622.98 Per Month <br />3. Funding: PO-0014052 <br />