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AGENDA REVIEW SESSION FEBRUARY 3, 2022 14 <br />The Agenda Review Session of the Board of Public Works was convened virtually at 10:32 a.m. <br />on February 3, 2022. Acting Board Clerk, Laura Hensley confirmed the presence of Board <br />Members Elizabeth A. Maradik, Gary Gilot, Jordan Gathers, Joseph Molnar, Murray Miller, and <br />Board Attorney Clara McDaniels, with a roll call. Ms. Maradik presented the Board with a <br />proposed agenda of items presented by the public and city staff. <br />Board members discussed the following item(s) from the agenda. <br />Right-of-Way Occupancy Agreement for House Move <br />Board Attorney Clara McDaniels asked Scott Kreeger of Engineering to address agenda item <br />7.C. agreement bringing forth the 130 Park Lane to 846 Park Ave. house move. Mr. Kreeger <br />stated Engineering is working with Lykowski and Indiana Landmarks for this project. <br />Contractors sent a letter to the Board stating that they have a two-story house that will be moved <br />from Park Lane, up to Lafayette Blvd., left on Riverside Dr. to its destination on Park Ave. A <br />concern the City has is the numerous historical light fixtures along Leeper Park. Mr. Kreeger <br />continued by saying that the vehicle wheel’s width is 22 ft. and extends out to a total of 36 ft <br />during transport. The route also has two (2) bump-outs on the intersections and the transport <br />vehicle will mount the curb and the sidewalk to clear the 90-degree turn. The contractor will be <br />un-installing four (4) of the historical light fixtures for this transport process. Mr. Kreeger stated <br />he originally brought this to the contractor’s attention due to the fixtures costing roughly $2000 <br />each and take approximately six (6) months to get back in place. Scott added that the Historical <br />Society has been informed and have no issues with the removal of lights; however, the lights <br />could be damaged and the City is currently setting up an agreement stating the light fixtures will <br />need to be replaced in addition to any City infrastructure damaged in the moving process. <br />Attorney McDaniels stated she wanted Mr. Kreeger present so that the Board could ask any <br />questions and be made aware of the precautions being taken so that this move minimizes any <br />damage to City infrastructure. She also wanted to assure the Board that anything damaged would <br />be replaced or restored to the same or better condition. Attorney McDaniels noted that City legal <br />was finalizing the agreement terms which have been verbally agreed to, but they are working on <br />getting the terms in writing. A finalized and signed Contractor Agreement will be ready for the <br />Board for the upcoming regular Board meeting. <br /> Mr. Kreeger advised that the move is tentatively scheduled for April 1st. due to Madison <br />Academy being on Spring break and bus routes not being an issue then. He projected it will take <br />the contractor approximately three (3) weeks to prepare the house but only six (6) hours for the <br />move itself. Ms. Maradik asked if the City will be documenting the route with pictures to know <br />what damage, if any, is caused. Mr. Kreeger stated he has already created a video of the route, <br />and he will also ask the contractor to do the same while also having them provide Public Works a <br />before and after log for our own records. <br />Mr. Gilot requested clarification on if the agreement will have stipulated damages that the <br />contractor will have to pay the bill for any damages rather than the City act against their bond. <br />Attorney McDaniels stated the agreement is for them to restore or replace any lampposts, curbs, <br />sidewalks, or any other City infrastructure damaged to the same or better condition. Member Joe <br />Molnar asked if there is a timeframe placed in the agreement in which the contractor must <br />complete the repairs. Attorney McDaniels stated the agreement currently does not have set <br />deadlines for repairs, but City legal could adjust the agreement to incorporate repair deadlines. <br />Director of Public Works, Eric Horvath, suggested there should be a provision that states the <br />City will do the repairs after a certain length of time has passed, and the contractor will then be <br />billed for the work. Attorney McDaniels agreed with Director Horvath and said City legal is <br />requiring them to secure $10,000,000 of general liability coverage while also listing the City as <br />an additional name insured. Attorney McDaniels added that the agreement terms could also <br />require an additional bond as well. <br />Mr. Gilot asked if the city has a critical spare parts inventory for the historical lamps to allow the <br />city the flexibility to make the repairs and then restock the inventory. City Engineer, Kara <br />Boyles, replied to Gary stating the City did not have that kind of inventory. Ms. Boyles also <br />stated that the nature of this agreement has been more complex than most. She added that the <br />contractor has done a good job in preparation for the move, but they seem a bit frustrated with <br />the process due to the impact on City infrastructure.