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,,, <br /> 11• <br /> City of South Bend <br /> s.Po` d=_ (574) 235-9321 <br /> ff J] \: Fax(574) 235-9173 <br /> .I~ <br /> 1'llD 574 235-5567 <br /> PEACE Common Council <br /> _� <br /> m,'? 441 County-City Building • 227 \X'.Jefferson Blvd <br /> South Bend' Indiana 46601 <br /> •1865 ,,/•'' <br /> Filed in Clerk's Office <br /> Tim Scott APR 17 2019 <br /> President April 17, 2019 <br /> KA ER EMAH FOWLER <br /> Karen White CITY CLERK,SOUTH BEND,IN <br /> Vice-President Dear Members of the South Bend Common Council: <br /> John Voorde <br /> Chairperson,Committee For your consideration at our next Council Meeting on Monday, April 22, 2019 <br /> of the Whole which coincides with the celebration of Earth Day globally, I am kindly asking your <br /> support for this resolution on climate change and climate action. <br /> Tim Scott <br /> First District Please note that the resolution is extraordinary in its length and, befitting its <br /> Regina Williams Preston importance for our community, it also will be the only item requiring our <br /> Second District consideration and vote on our agenda for our upcoming meeting. Regarding the <br /> length of the document, it is, indeed intentional for these three reasons: <br /> Sharon L. McBride <br /> Third District (1)to be educational as to the science of climate change, the impacts, and the <br /> global call to action to reduce carbon emissions; <br /> Jo M. Broden (2)to recognize the City of South Bend for its various efforts relative to these <br /> Fourth District <br /> issues; <br /> Jake Teshka (3 to provide insight into the process that brought us to this point, and to thereby, <br /> Fifth District model pathways that might be instructive and undertaken by other Indiana <br /> cities, communities in the Midwest, or across the nation. <br /> Oliver Davis <br /> Sixth District As the resolution sets us collectively as a City and community on a robust forward <br /> Gavin Ferlic path of creating a climate action plan with aggressive, but achievable greenhouse <br /> At Large gas reduction goals, our actions will support the development of a livable, <br /> sustainable City with a high quality of life, and improve our resilience in face of <br /> John Voorde climate change. <br /> At Large <br /> Karen White Finally, this resolution has been a truly collaborative effort. Several individuals, <br /> At Large organizations and academic institutions have been dedicated partners, including <br /> (but not limited to): Dr. Phil Sakimoto, Dr. Laura Dassow Walls, students from the <br /> University of Notre Dame's Sustainability Principles and Practices class of 2017,Tai <br /> Verbrugge,Jackie Brebeck,Julia McKenna, Velshonna Luckey, The Robinson <br /> Community Learning Center Climate Change Club,Josh Crudup, Tyler Newsome, <br /> Jim Poyser, Dr. Alan Hamlet, Grace Coman, Matthew Peterson, Dr. Rachel Novik, <br /> Maddie McGuire,Todd Johnson, Climate Champions, former South Bend Council <br /> Member Randy Kelly, Graham Sparks, Kareemah Fowler, Ellie Navarro,Jennifer <br /> Coffman, Bianca Tirado, Good Shepard Montessori (with special thanks to Dan <br /> Driscoll and in memory of Felicia Driscoll), the University of Notre Dame,the Green <br />