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City of South Bend, Indiana <br />2018 Annual Financial Report <br />Distribution Date: <br />Distribution List: <br />Mayor Pete Buttigieg <br />Chief of Staff Laura O'Sullivan <br />Deputy Chief of Staff Suzanna Fritzberg <br />Common Council <br />City Clerk Kareemah Fowler <br />Department Heads <br />Fiscal Officers <br />Page Contents <br />2 - 3 Public Advertisement in the South Bend Tribune <br />4 - 8 Cash and Investments by Fund <br />9 - 35 Receipts by Fund <br />36 - 71 Detailed Disbursements by Fund <br />72 - 80 Detailed Disbursements by Funds with Departments (General Fund) <br />81 Debt Statement – Excluding Capital Leases <br />82 - 87 Leases <br />88 - 90 Grant Receipts and Disbursements <br /> 91 Capital Assets <br />92 Assistance to Non-Governmental Entities <br />93 Transfer Report <br />94 - 96 Controller’s Cash Report, December 2018 <br />Please find enclosed the Annual Financial Report (AFR). The AFR is required to be completed by each <br />city and town in the State of Indiana on or before March 1st. The report lists all receipts, disbursements, <br />and other activity for each fund. The AFR also provides a beginning and ending cash balance for each <br />fund that matches the City Controller’s Report (after the adjustment for year-end market valuation of <br />investment). <br />If you should have additional questions, please contact the Department of Administration & Finance by <br />calling 311. <br />March 1, 2019