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b. Gifts, favors, services, entertainment, food, drink, travel expenses or registration <br /> fees from public agencies or public institutions; however, such gifts, favors, <br /> services, entertainment, food, drink, travel expense, or registration fees shall be <br /> utilized for the benefit of the city, and not solely for the benefit of one's self or <br /> relatives; <br /> c. Mementos or souvenirs with a cumulative value of$25.00 or less; <br /> d. Food or drink consumed at a public meeting to which at least ten (10) individuals <br /> are invited; a meeting will be considered public if <br /> i. The event is a reception to which at least ten (10) individuals are invited or <br /> other gathering that is not arranged to solicit government procurement of <br /> goods or services from anyone who holds a public office at the federal, <br /> state, or local level; <br /> ii. The appointee or employee is giving a speech or participating in a <br /> presentation in his or her official capacity; or <br /> iii. The meeting has a formal educational program that the appointee or <br /> employee is attending to assist him or her in performing official duties; <br /> e. Food, drink, entertainment, travel expenses, or registration fees accepted in <br /> furtherance of activities to benefit the city or region related to an economic <br /> development effort, including job retention, expansion or attraction, reduction of <br /> blight, and securing convention and visitor business, approved in advance by the <br /> mayor or his or her director of economic development; <br /> f. Gifts, favors, services, entertainment, food, or drinks from relatives, or a person <br /> with whom the individual has an ongoing social relationship that existed before <br /> the appointee or employee was appointed or employed by the agency, so long as: <br /> i. The gifts or other items of value are paid for personally by the giver, <br /> rather than a business entity, and not deducted as a business expense; and <br /> ii. The giver is not seeking to influence action or inaction by the individual in <br /> that person's official capacity; <br /> g. Property accepted as a gift to the city or county and logged by the corporation <br /> counsel; and <br />