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TO THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SOUTH BEND: <br /> Your Committee of the Whole, to whom was referred: <br /> BILL NO. <br /> 11-67 A RESOLUTION OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, ADOPTING AS <br /> STANDARDS FOR ACCESSIBLE DESIGN THE <br /> AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) <br /> ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES AND THE GUIDELINES <br /> FOR PEDESTRIAN FACILITIES IN THE PUBLIC RIGHT- <br /> OF-WAY UPON DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE APPROVAL <br /> Respectfully report that they have examined the matter and that in their opinion, <br /> this bill is being recommended to the full Council with a favorable <br /> recommendation. <br /> This bill was heard by the Public Works & Property Vacation Committee. <br /> Timothy Rouse <br /> Chairperson, Committee of the Whole <br />