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Coup rr-CrrY 1~[TILDII~G <br />227 W. JEFFERSON BLVD. <br />SOUTH BENU, 1NUTAIVA 46601-1830 <br />CITY OE SOLdTI'I BEND S`T"EPNEN ~. L13ECKE, MAYOR <br />PHONE 5741235-9216 <br />Fnx 5741235-9928 <br />'1'I7I7 5741235-5567 <br />DEPARTMENT ®F ~DMINISTRATIC~N AN1J FINANCE <br />M. C.~A~rr1ERr~rr. PANELLO <br />CONTROLLER <br />April 8, 2006 <br />To the Honorable Mayor Stephen J. Luecke, <br />Members of the City Common Council, and <br />the Residents of the City of South Bend: <br />It is with great pleasure and pride that we submit to you the City of South Bend's 2006 <br />Performance Based Budget. The City has been publishing a budget in this format for ten years; <br />however, significant changes have been made to this document over the past several years which <br />are more fully discussed in later sections of this book. There is a great deal of information in this <br />book and, in an attempt to make it more reader-friendly, we have arranged it in the following five <br />sections. <br />Section A -Policies and Goals This section contains specific information on the City's long <br />term goals and objectives, its mission and purpose statements, as well as the City's financial <br />policies and core values. The section begins with a brief description of the City's strategic <br />planning process and a historic overview of our approach to program and performance based <br />budgeting. Also included in this section are the City's overall financial policy statements <br />covering the budget process, operational procedures, revenues, reserves, debt and investments. <br />The section ends with Mayor Stephen J. Luecke's State of the City Address as it was presented in <br />its entirety to the Common Council an February 13, 2006. The Mayor begins by emphasizing the <br />impact that this city has historically had on the community. He reviews the past year's <br />accomplishments, highlights various partnerships that the City has developed aver the past <br />several years, and outlines where he believes this community should be headed in the future. <br />Section S -Financial Summary This section provides a general overview of the City's 2006 <br />Operating and Capital Budgets. It starts with the Executive Summary, which contains highlights <br />of the current year's budget as well as the challenges that the City faces in the coming year. This <br />summary also explains the method of accounting used in the budgeting process, and it provides <br />an explanation of the type of funds that are subject to annual appropriations. 1t presents a <br />summary of major revenues, assumptions used in developing revenue estimates, and significant <br />revenue trends thus providing a general overview of the total resources utilized by the City. The <br />2006 Budget {Operating and Capital) is then presented in summary form as it was approved by <br />the Common Council, first by fund type identifying total revenue, expenditures and operating <br />surpluses and then by each fund's major expenditure classification. These summaries are <br />accompanied by a brief description of each of the City's budgeted funds. Also included in this <br />ii <br />