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� ���� <br /> REGULAR T:TE�;T I l�TG . <br /> APRIL 11, 1932 <br /> Re�;ular meeting held by the Board of Publi e Safety rlonday , April <br /> 11 , 1932 at 9 :05 A.?�. <br /> r��r„ Budd, President , called meeting to order. All members were <br /> pr�;sent . <br /> ��Rinutes o� last regular meetin� read and approved. <br /> PO:�ICE DEPAR2fi.?EP�T <br /> T:�ic;hael Barany, elerk, reported the receipt o� �200.00 from the <br /> City o� TTarion,Indiana, for sale of the o1.d ,yhite police patrol. <br /> ( SE;e minutes o� Decemb er 21, 1931 meeting. ) <br /> ','de�;kly report of Policewoman, ?�irs. ��innie �vans, v�as examir� d <br /> anil ordered placed on file. <br /> On motion of �;"r. Gadacz , seconded by 2Fr. lrost , the resignation <br /> of Officer Gasimer Kubiak �as accepted. <br /> On motion of P,r. Gadaez, seeonded by Ttr. irost, Leo ��ako�:;-ski , <br /> aoE; 29 , residing at 1902 Linden �lvenue, v�as appointed e member <br /> of the Poli ce �epartment. <br /> T;?o�ithly report of the Poliee .�epartment was examined and ordered <br /> pl��ced on file . <br /> Ap��lications of Thomas J. ��reen and �loysius J. `��Ilodarek �aere <br /> ap��roved and ordered placed on file. <br /> xec�uisitions and bills a�proved and ordered paid. <br /> ThE; Board instructed Captain J. J. Hatt to place a r�lector on <br /> thE; corner of Indiana ��,venue and Ulive �treet. <br /> Chje� John B. I�uesper� reported the activities of his departr:ient <br /> for the past eveek. <br /> FIF E DEP�'�RT?'Er?T <br /> Chj ef:Roy �. Knoblock reported the activities of hi s department <br /> foz� the past �eek. <br /> �ecuisitions and bills approved and ordered gaid. <br /> l�p��lications of Casimer '.Yas, John K. Lllis , and Joseph L. �rch <br /> wez�e approved and ordered placed on �ile . <br /> �LE CT�IC�I, llEP�RT?:�'T?T <br /> ITr. wualls reported �Ghe ae�Givities of his department . <br /> Recuisitions tivere approved. <br /> ',`JE7 GHTS and f:7EASURES DEPARTi.'ETtT <br /> :`Jeel�.ly report of Chas. J. Burizs, Cit,y Sealer, �ras examined and <br /> ordered placed on file. <br />