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�`i ,a - <br /> /�:�_ "':� <br /> S� <br /> REGLTLAR 1'.iEETING <br /> P�Zarch .14, 19 32. <br /> R�gulas meetino h.eld by Board of Public Safety I.Tonday, t,"areh 14, <br /> 1'�32 at 9:15 0'clo ck A.�?. � <br /> IT . Budd, President, ealled the meeting to order. All members <br /> �•� re present. <br /> T:i_�nutes o� last re;u.lar meeting read and a.pproved. <br /> P(ILICE �JEPLLRTT:�EidT <br /> Cr�ief John B. I'uespert presented monthly report of his department <br /> t���iich cx�as examined a.nd ordered placed on file. <br /> Report o� Policewoman, T:"rs. Evans, examined and ordered placed <br /> or.� fi le. � <br /> SFecial Police Commission of I,ouis ?:"ileke �ras cancelled at his <br /> re�uest. , / <br /> � <br /> Re�ardi n� su�ge sti on made by �.Tr. Gre ene of TTorth ern Indi ana Rai l- <br /> ���a;;r at the last reaular meetin„Y�i th refere���eto Motorists pass- <br /> inr; street cars z�hen stopped�ard deferred/ o a later date. <br /> ?�e.��uisitions approved and bi11s ordered paid. <br /> FI��E D�PARTI:�T�b 1 <br /> On recommendation of Chief Knoblock, the Board ordered the Clerk, <br /> �,_ichael Barany, to instruct E?r. <br /> , �,ualls, Superin�endent of Fire <br /> .ila rm Stati on, to move fire alarm box �617 from the c orner of <br /> Inaiana _�.venue and Carlisle Street to Indiana 1"�venue and T?ash <br /> Str eet. <br /> Requisitions ap�roved and bills ordered paid. <br /> �L��TRICIIL DEP�RiT'�P;T <br /> �::r. ",ualls reported fire alarm boxes ;�65; 67; 61u; 316; and. 27 <br /> rrer ; all found in go o d cond i ti onn. � <br /> Req�ti sitions approved and bills ordered paid. <br /> :`l�I(�HTS a,nd I:LASURES D�P��T?.�".�vT <br /> ':`1eel:ly re�or� of City Sealer, Chas. J. Burns, ��a,s ex�ined a,.rid <br /> ordcred placed on f ile. <br /> DOG POUND D�PI�?�TP:T�T?T <br /> T�iehael Barany, Clerli, presented monthly report of the Dog Pound <br /> �vhi ch ��aa.s ex�,mined and placed on file. <br /> T:'eet:Lno adjourned at 11:45 �'�.?::. � <br /> 1�TTE�>T: ' <br /> PRESIDET�;T. <br /> CLF,RK. � <br />