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� �`�S=� <br /> �zEGTrr,� r,��TZ�T� <br /> T�areh 7, 1932. <br /> Re�;ular meeting held by the Board of Public Safety f�onday, I,iarch <br /> 7 , 1932 at nine-ten o' clock �.Tr. <br /> I�r. Budd, Fresident, called mee�ing to order. �11 me�nbers ��ere <br /> present. ;iinutes of last re�ula,r meeting read and approved. <br /> POIICE DEP�IRTI;FEI�TT <br /> Special Police Commissions �rere gr�,nted by the Board to <br /> Kenne th �. �:ii 11 er <br /> Clarence r;;iller <br /> Dyle E. Veach <br /> On :r�ecommendation of Captain J. J. Hatt, a petition for electric <br /> sto.o li�ht at the intersection of �.'arquette Avenue and Coll�ge <br /> Str�et was deferred. <br /> The Board instructed Captain J. to erect signs and paint <br /> str��et curbs as follotrs: <br /> . (a) �?o place dar�er signs on �l�siood Street at the corner of College <br /> :>�reet. � <br /> (b )�?o mark 'loadin� zone', now marked 'no parking', on east side of <br /> I'ello�v Street bet�ve`en �ox Street and r�vring Avenue. <br /> t c)�!o place dan�er signs at the intersecti on of �'ellotifr and South <br /> :�treets. , <br /> (d)�'o make a 'fi�teen-minute parking zone' in fron� of State Theatre, <br /> r.o;v marked ' loading zone T . <br /> � T:1r. Green of the iuorthern Indiana Railt�ray Cor�pany appeared before <br /> the Board for the purpose o� v�orking out a plan to avoid motor- <br /> is�� from passing street v�hen street cars stopped and in <br /> the act of takin�; on or leaving off passengers. It was decided <br /> that a definite plan be �vorked out by the Board and T:�r. Green <br /> before the next regular meeting. � <br /> In the absence of Chief Kuespert, ti�ho was ill and confined to his <br /> home , I�ssistant Chief Hamilton presented the report of Officers <br /> Lavitt and Y;eller, Vice Squad, Yrhich �ras ex�,mined and placed on <br /> file. <br /> Bi�.ls approved and ordered paid. <br /> ' I�'I RE D;P11 r�T�? �1T � . <br /> The .i3oard instructed Chief I�oblocY �o r�ake a survey on the <br /> fire alarm box in the 1300 block Indiana l�venue and report same <br /> in br��i tin;; at the next rebular meetin�. <br /> �equ: si ti ons and bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> �L�C�'RI C�1L llE�AR 1,.,:�:T <br /> T:'r. :`�m �'. ��,ualls, Superintendent, presented a report on the rire <br /> �1lasrr tests �•�hich �.�as examined and ordered filed. <br />