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�*��� <br /> FEBRUARY 23, 19 32. <br /> Regular meeting held by Board of Public Safety Tuesday , February <br /> 23,. 1932 at nine-ten o'c lo ck A.a�. <br /> A�r. Budd, President, called the meeting to order. All members <br /> were present. F��.nutes of last meeting anproved. <br /> POLICE DEPARTT:IENT <br /> g,�ichael Barany, Clerk, was autY�orized, by the Board, to order . <br /> six ( 6) Revolvers ( 38 Colt Police Special) . <br /> On motion of ?:�ir. Gadacz, seconded by �.Ir. Trost, Jos Gembarszewski , <br /> 1127 :Y. Napier Street, age 35,was appo��nted a member of the <br /> Police Department eff ective this day. <br /> �;�r. Budd ordered the Vice Squad, com o sed of I,eo `�Tilliams, <br /> Jo seph I,aVitt� �laud Keller and � �Tiller to apPetheb ef ore <br /> the Board for the purPose of hearing their report on <br /> activities of the vice work for the past eveek. �fter hearing <br /> their report the Board ord.ered each officer, in the presence ; <br /> of Chief Kuespert, to make a detailed report to the Boa.rd at <br /> the next Board meeting. T;�r. Budd told each officer that it <br /> v�as the Board' s wish that they get some results and repor� at <br /> the next Board meeting. <br /> ?:�ichael Barany, Clerk, was ordered to write a letter to the <br /> 5ecretary of State regarding Court decision effectin� automobile <br /> license plates for city owned cars. <br /> Requisitions and bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> FIRE DEPART�:�T1T <br /> Chief �'noblock reported on the activities of his department for <br /> the past week. <br /> Requisitions and bills approved and ordered paid. � <br /> EI,ECTRICI�I� DEPART�.'fENT . <br /> l�,�r. QU.alls, S�.iperintendent, had no report at this meeting. <br /> Requisitions and bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> �;'1EIGHTS and TnZEASU'�i ES DEPARTF;1E�dT <br /> City Sealer, Chas. J. Burns, submitted his report for the past <br /> week which was examined and ordered and placed on file. <br /> - r?eet ir� ad�j ourned at eleven o' clock A.l.i. <br /> % <br /> � <br /> / � 6 ;•�,� ��.�,,.�_ <br /> PRESIDET�tT. <br /> ATTEST• - <br /> CLn . <br />