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�-.,��,, "," <br /> FEBEUARY 15, 19 32 ���� <br /> . Regular meeting held by the Board of Public Safety ATonday, <br /> February 15, 1932 at nine-ten o'clock A.T,i. <br /> It�r. C. A. Budd, President, called me eting to order. All <br /> members were present. <br /> POLICE DEPARTl;�NT <br /> Chief: �uespert preferred the follotiving charges against <br /> Officer Frank Szacnecki trho rvas suspended February 6, 1932: <br /> '� February 13, 1932 <br /> To the Board o� Fublic Safety. <br /> Gentlemen: <br /> I, here��ith, prefer the followin.g charges <br /> against Officer Frank Szamecki . <br /> That the •said officer has been guilty of <br /> neglect o� duty and conduct unbecomina an <br /> of�icer of this department as set out in <br /> a report submitted to me by Captain E.l�orris <br /> and Sergeant rJm Diedrich dated February 7 , 1932. <br /> ( Said report is next attached. ) <br /> These charges �will be further subs�Gantiated <br /> by Captain r,Aorris and Sergeant Diedrich as <br /> well as officers Polinski and Farkas by their <br /> respective verbal testimony. <br /> Tkese charges if substa,ntiated tend to create � <br /> disrespect for the members of this department <br /> , and furthermore disrupt the morale and disi- <br /> pline of this department. <br /> t�espect�illy sub�itted, <br /> John B. Kue spe rt ( signe d) <br /> � CHIEF OF POZICE. n <br /> The following a,re reports of Captain l:�orris and Sergeant <br /> Diedrich to Chief Kuespert: <br /> � February 7, 1932 <br /> " Chief Kuespert: <br /> Facts concerning Offieer Szamecki after checking <br /> his activities toni�ht: � <br /> "de �vere aratching box �135 tivhere he makes a pull <br /> at 1:18 and sa�v him drive up in a car. � After <br /> ' he had made his pull, I �drove up beside his car. <br /> He had the same gi rl i�ri th him that he has b em <br /> keeping company r�ith and he �vas in an intoxieated <br /> eondition. I made him get into the car ��ith <br /> Sergeant Diedrich and drove his car, or the one he <br /> had, to a house on Sherman s'�ve. , tivhere Franl; said <br /> the o�vner of the car lived. ��`le le� the girl out <br /> there and brought Sza.r�ecki to the station vrhere he <br /> hancied me his gun and badge. Then I took him ho,:e. <br /> Officer Szamecki ��ill report to you I�ronday at <br /> eight o'clock A.P;�. <br /> Captai n E. V. ��orri s <br /> Ser�eant Diedrich. <br />