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�z� � <br /> Fve`r:�� <br /> JATdUA_RY 2 5, 193 2 <br /> Regular meetin� held in the office of the Board of Fublic <br /> Safety �:Tonday, January 25, 1932. <br /> T.'eeting �vas called to order at nine o ' clock A.l.i. by Pres- <br /> ident C. l�. Budd. All members �vere present. T�inutes of <br /> last reUular Meeting read and approved. <br /> POZIC�, DEPi1RTli�T?T <br /> Chief Kuespert reported on the activities of his depa.rt- <br /> ment for the past tireek. <br /> �'�ppli cati on of John Robert Hardin approved and ordered <br /> placed on file. <br /> The clerk ��aas ordered to have Police Department automobiles <br /> lettered - ' South Bend Police Department ' - in order to <br /> . save payment of license fees. ' <br /> �ffidavit of Claud Callovray and Time Sheet vaas approved and � <br /> ordered paid. <br /> FIRE DEPARTf�TyT � <br /> Chief Knoblock reported on the activities of his department <br /> for the past vreek. <br /> Applications of Don Teeter; Sylvester 1. T.�cGee; John Filchak; <br /> I,eonard Kaliclii ; ':�lm C. Colbert, and David John Conner tirere , <br /> approved and ordered placed on file. <br /> Clifford Zee 'Li�.ttle requested th:zt his application be cancelled. <br /> ''JE I GHT S an d T,�ASURE S DEP�RT?:�ET� � <br /> '�'leekly report of Chas. J. Burns, City Sealer, ��as presented <br /> and ordered pl�ced on fi le. <br /> ;:�r. Burns requested the Board to permit 1.'r. I'ov�ler to a.ssist <br /> him ior a fe��� days in checking coal dealers. , <br /> On motion of i,"r. Gadacz, seconded b�T i:'r. I,on;, the Board <br /> deeided to reduce the rate on the public scales to a ila�t <br /> rate of ten cents ( .10�) per lo�.d, effec�live rebruar� lst. <br /> ELECTRICI�L �EP�IZTT,�ET?T <br /> i♦`r. �,ualls , a�aperintendent , reported that the traffic signal <br /> at the intersection oi LaSalle �.nd Rill Streets ti�ras installed <br /> � as per the Board' s instructions. <br /> The clerk tiras ordered to have Ele ctrical Departrnent trucks . <br /> lettered so as to save pa�ment of license iees. <br /> �;`r. ��ualls reported that .the department' s old truck, pur�'ha�sed <br /> in 1926, ��ras o�' no value . The Board ordered I:�r. �,ualls to <br /> have this old tl�uck junked. <br /> The clerk tivas ordered to purchase one ( 1) ��'�'J of motor oil <br /> for this department. <br />