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. �-- <br /> / �y��� <br /> /'4d�t?.✓� <br /> J.:INUARY lI, 1932 <br /> R�,�;ular meeting held in Board of Public Sa�ety Office I;Tonday, <br /> J��nuary 11, 1932. <br /> I;iE;eting called to order by President C. 1'�. Budd at nine o T clock <br /> a.m. <br /> A7.1 members present. TTinutes of last regular meeting read and <br /> a��proved. <br /> Clerk, ':Tm P. Dov�rnes, presented the folloiRair�� letter to the <br /> Board rrhich r.Tr. Budd read: <br /> rr To �Tay or ;1. R. Hinkl e and <br /> The Board of Public Safety, <br /> South Bend, Iridi�.na: <br /> I hereby tender ny resignati on as clerk of the Board <br /> of Publie Safety , such resignation to take ef�ect at <br /> once unless it seems necessary that I remain a brief <br /> period to acauaint a successor rrith the duties and <br /> details of the office. <br /> `,°dm P. Dotx�nes, ( signed} �rt <br /> On motion of r:�r. Gadacz, seconded by l.,r. Zon�, tl�e resignation <br /> �a: accepted as of January 15, 1932� after I.Tr. Downes info xtne.d <br /> the Board that it i�as agreeable ���ith T:Tayvr Hinitile that he <br /> remain until that time. <br /> POI,£�E DEPt1RTT:i�T�?T <br /> Req�iisitions and bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> Chi�;f Kuespert stated he did not have any report to make. <br /> `:JEIC�H2'S �TTD i�LASITRES DEF:1RT�n;l;� <br /> Repc�rt of Sealer, Chas. J. Burns, presented and plaeed on <br /> file . <br /> F'IRE D�P 1RTi:�T?T <br /> Chief Knoblock reported on the activities of' Yhis department for <br /> the past cxreek. <br /> ELEC P�IC�I, DEP�IRT1.�iTT <br /> Re�u:Lsitions and bills approved and ordered paid. <br /> I"r. ;Zualls reported on the activities of his department for the <br /> past vreek. <br /> l=?r• ('has. Calvert of Indiana. � �Tichigan �leetric Com an �, <br /> befor e the �3oard and explained a ne��� P �' PI�= 3red <br /> garding contracts pertainin� to eleetricitylcontraetedhforrby <br /> the Foard of Publie Safety. ifter -Ehe Board had heard 2.`r. <br /> Calvert, on motion of ;"r. Long, seconded by ?"r. Gadacz, the <br /> contract was approved, accepted and signed by the Board. ;'r. <br />