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222 <br /> SPECIAL �::EETING JANUARY 4, 1932. <br /> At th� request of ��r. Budd, the Clerk notified the members that <br /> a meeting tivould be held at t��ro oT clock P.I:�. January 4, 1932. <br /> LTr. V. J. Gadacz was unable to attend the meeting. <br /> l:�r. Budd and ?rr. I,or� i�vere present. <br /> A motion �vas made by I`r. Long that the Clerk issue requisitions <br /> for purehases made by all departments of the Boasd of Public <br /> Safety. This rule to go into e��eet at onee. In discussino this <br /> with the Clerk, he in�ormed the Board tha.t this is being done <br /> in all the departments witn the exception o� the Fire Depaxtment. <br /> The Board ordered a traff ie signal to be installed at I,a�aye tte <br /> Blvd. , and Tutt Street. 2�Zr. Qualls �ras instruc ted to install <br /> signal at once . <br /> The Board ordered the Clerk to no�i�y the Health Department that <br /> beginning February 1, 1932, Police 6f�i cers Z. Essex and <br /> B. J. Roe now assigned to the Health Department are to be ret�arned <br /> to the Poli ce Department and report for duty on February l, 1932 <br /> to Chief Kuespert. <br /> On motion of �:�r. Zong, meeting ad�ourned at three-thirty o' cloek <br /> P.P:'�. //� <br /> �� . � <br /> a <br /> Presiden . <br /> � �"� ,'; , , <br /> ---- <br /> AT TE ST�, , . � r"''--�c�'�,�;+� <br />