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Highways: I-80/90 (Indiana Toll Road); U.S. Highways 6, 20, and 31; State Highways 2, 4, 23, 104, 331, and 933. <br />Trucking: 43 trucking lines, 33 terminals. <br />Air: South Bend Regional Airport serves the City with three carriers. <br />Electricity: Indiana Michigan Electric Power Company. <br />Gas: Northern Indiana Public Service Company. <br />Water/Sewage: The City of South Bend Municipal Waterworks and Municipal Sewage Works. <br />Total Estimated Total Estimated Total Estimated Total Estimated <br />Year Permits Costs Permits Costs Permits Costs Permits Costs <br />2012 1,201 $33,828,699 179 $47,377,604 22 $7,520,338 23 $1,442,022 <br />2013 1,332 31,451,737 152 27,783,419 28 9,942,291 20 744,411 <br />2014 1,208 36,888,404 168 34,501,917 31 12,613,771 2 140,000 <br />2015 1,102 38,003,597 199 88,037,686 22 52,698,109 2 54,590 <br />2016 1,177 29,768,194 202 133,588,890 14 1,283,887 4 476,956 <br />Source: St. Joseph County/City of South Bend Building Department. <br />The following banks have deposits in the City as of June 30, 2016. <br />Source: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Website ( <br />The following banks have deposists in South Bend,but account for less than 3% of the market share: Lake City Bank, PNC <br />Bank National Association, MutualBank, Horizon Bank National Association, First State Bank of Middlebury, and <br />Woodforest National Bank. <br />CITY OF SOUTH BEND <br />TRANSPORTATION <br />Market Share <br />1st Source Bank <br />KeyBank National Association <br />Fifth Third Bank <br />3 <br />Railroads: Four rail lines provide freight and passenger service to the City and the South Shore passenger line runs from <br />South Bend to Chicago. South Bend is also served by AMTRAK. <br />Bus:A municipal bus service (Transpo) is provided within the City. Inter-City bus lines include United Limo and <br />Greyhound. <br />UTILITIES <br />EDUCATION <br />Colleges and Universities: Institutions of higher education in the community include the University of Notre Dame, St. <br />Mary's College, Indiana University at South Bend, Purdue Polytechnic - South Bend, Bethel College, Holy Cross College, <br />Ivy Tech Community College, and Indiana Tech. <br />BUILDING PERMITS <br />Residential Commercial/Industrial Public Other <br />FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS <br />Insitution <br />Bank Deposits <br />in the City <br />Public Schools: The City is served by the South Bend Community School Corporation which has a 2016/17 enrollment of <br />17,433. The School Corporation includes five high schools, ten intermediate schools, and eighteen elementary schools. <br />$1,339,031,000 <br />483,104,000 <br />255,487,000 <br />117,518,000 <br />Wells Fargo Bank NA <br />Old National Bank <br />JP Morgan Chase Bank NA <br />102,578,000 <br />94,589,000 <br />3.93% <br />3.63% <br />51.36% <br />18.53% <br />9.80% <br />4.51%